Fast Break | Common Grace (2010)

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Fast Break

Dramatic, adventure, Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 110 bpm

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Dramatic, adventure, Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 110 bpm

image for Fast Break
Image for Fast Break –

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Story Behind Fast Break


Artist: Taurus M. James

Album: Common Grace
Label: ITNOJ Music
Producer:Taurus M. James


original, piano, instrumental 

MUSIC Use Suggestions

background, commercial, advertisement, ads, television theme, film, video


110 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)


dramatic, adventurous, angry, dangerous, dark, mean, tough, energetic, aggressive, driving, passionate, melodramatic, strong, anthemic, bold, confident, determined, powerful, sophisticated, victorious


brass,  trombone, trumpet, horn section, drums, percussion, guitar, bass,  keyboard, piano, violin, upright bass, synth, synthisizer

Keywords: Fast Break, Common Grace, Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music

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What People Are Saying

Deena - na

Dear Taurus,
I was searching on the internet to find out how I can possibly learn how to compose music. I write alot of lyrics but have the slightest clue on how to create music for them. Anyway I came across your website in the search engine and after listening to all, I mean every instrumental on here, I just had to tell you WOW!!! Your music is so heartfelt. Absolutely beautiful. And I must say very inspiring!!. Hopefully someday I can find a way to let myself be heard through music. Good Luck in all you do.

Sincerely Deena

Gerald Dunton (bxinmd) - US

Good stuff brotha.keep banging for Jesus. I liked the beats,seems like U been doing this for a while. Keep it up. God Bless

angie wize - USA

Hello, I am angie wize. I was online looking for music and I heard samples of your work. Love it, so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Stephen Moody - na

heh man... I finally put a few tracks up. check em out and let me know! by the way... how have things been going on your end? The Soul on Fire cuts are hot man!

Calvin Daniels - USA

Great, uplifting song to start my Monday morning! Keep at it, and I'd like to hear some more!
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