From The Storm

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From The Storm

Original, cinematic, television theme Inspired by hurricane Katrina events

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

From The Storm is a cinematic dramatic television theme or film music. 

image for From The Storm
Image for From The Storm – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Tags: From The Storm, hip hop beat, XinXan

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Be Encouraged

You are still here. The storm has not overcome you. You overcame the storm.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

The Story

Inspired by hurricane Katrina events, "From The Storm" is Original, cinematic, television theme - Moody instruMental Music.

From The Storm is a cinematic dramatic television theme or film music. 

This is another original cinematic track,

Made for XinXan Moody instruMental Music Collection

XinXan | Film Music | Moody instruMental Music

Genre: Hip-Hop, Soundtrack (Television theme, Film), Orchestrated Hip-Hop, Beat

Mood(s):Aggressive/Driving, Angry, Cinematic, Dark/Mysterious, Dramatic, Eerie/Ethereal, Somber/Dark, Urgent/Impassioned

Tempo:Mid-Tempo 100 BPM

Other Tags: edgy piano music


image for Cast from the Storm
Cast from the Storm

After desperately fleeing war and persecution, an extraordinary bunch of teenagers are brought together through a life-changing theatre program. At a Sydney high school, under the guidance of three passionate teachers, they share their 'Storm Stories' - the stories that made them refugees - in front of Australian audiences.
image for Refuge from the Storm
Refuge from the Storm

While working at a night club, Linda meets Steve, an aspiring writer who, in his search for the "Meaning of Life", gets pulled into a world of drugs and spiritual darkness propagated by Katrine, the nightclub owner. Linda begins to see beyond Katrine's world, with the knowledge she receives from a total stranger. With a fearless attitude she conquers the darkness in her own life, and unknowingly changes the course of many lives along the way.
image for Shelter from the Storm
Shelter from the Storm

In the early 90's--when music was shared hand-to-hand--Jerry shows up at Liz's doorstep after disappearing with her prized collection of Bob Dylan bootlegs.
image for The Girl from the Marsh Croft
The Girl from the Marsh Croft

A 1917 Swedish drama film directed by Victor Sjöström, based on a 1913 novel by Selma Lagerlöf. It was the first in a series of successful Lagerlöf adaptions by Sjöström, made possible by a deal between Lagerlöf and A-B Svenska Biografteatern (later AB Svensk Filmindustri) to adapt at least one Lagerlöf novel each year. Lagerlöf had for many years denied any proposal to let her novels be adapted for film, but after seeing Sjöström's Terje Vigen she finally decided to give her allowance.


original, cinematic, instrumental, theme, piano

MUSIC Use Suggestions

background, commercial, advertisement


100 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

MUSIC Themes



dark mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, aggressive, dramatic, melodramatic, strong, anthemic, bold, confident, determined


drums, bass, piano, strings, violins, cellos, synth

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