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How To Make Beats On Your Computer

You have your computer/laptop and you want to make your own beats.

Continue reading to get my answers and tips on how you can make your own beats on your computer.

Can you make beats with just a computer?

Yes! The way we do things has changed a lot, and the only thing you need to make your own beats is a computer and some basic equipment. Musicians have been making music on their computer for decades. These days, anyone can replicate the sound and equipment of a big studio with a computer program.

What is the best software to make beats?

The best software to make beats is whatever software helps you make great beats fast!

As a "beat maker", you MAKE BEATS. As a "music producer", you PRODUCE MUSIC. If you are spending more time arguing about what software is best, than using that software to make beats, you are a "software reviewer".

How can I make my own beats?

For beginners, here's a quick bullet-point guide on how to make your own beats.

  • Listen. The most important skill you will ever develop. Listen to the idea in your mind before you even open your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
  • In your DAW of choice, set the tempo and setup an 8-bar (8 measures) pattern to start building your beat.
  • Make the drum patterns
  • Make the bass line
  • Make a "melodic" - Flip a sample or add instruments for a melodic part (does not have to be a full melody)
  • Make space! - You might think "leave room" for vocals, but I encourage actively "making space" throughout the beat for vocals using "muting", filtering and other techniques.
  • Make an arrangement - Arrange the beat patterns in a way that helps "move" the listener through from start to end..
  • TaurusBeats Tip: Remember The 5 Elements of Hip-Hop when making your beats as a reminder to keep your beats to 5 elements. Just like Hip Hop has 5 elements (DJ, BBoy, MC, Graffitti, Knowledge), keep your beats to 5 elements (Drums, Bass, Melodic (instrument or sample), Good Spacing, Killer Vocal). Yeah, I made this up. It helps me remember that the best Hip Hop beats stick to the principle of "Less Is More".

    Where can I get more beat making tips for beginners?

    Right here at TaurusBeats.com.


    What Do You Think?

    I share my perspective as I continue on my music journey. I know others on the music journey may have different points of view. What's yours?

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