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How To Sample A Song With Drums

TaurusBeats shows how to sample a song with drums in it and shares his sample techniques in these videos.

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

TaurusBeats (aka Taurus M. James) shows how to sample a song with drums in it and shares his sample techniques in this beat making tutorial video.This post is about: how to sample, sample techniques, sample a song with drums, sample flip, sample flip beats, sample flipping, sampling, samples, slicing, chopping, sample slicing, sample chopping

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How Can I Sample A Song WIth Drums In It?

When I get this question, usually, the person actually wants to know how to use sample slices or chops that have drum sounds within them. Just as there are many different ways to sample songs with drums in them, there are many ways to use sample slices/chops that have drums in them. Here are a few of my sample techniques.

  • Try To Remove Drums From A Sample
  • Layer The Drums In A Sample With Other Drum Sounds
  • Filter Drums From A Sample Using EQ

How To Remove Drums From A Sample

A common sample technique is to select a sample that has drums in it, even when the drums are not wanted. So, how do you remove the drums from a sample? It's not easy. In fact, it's near impossible in most cases to completely remove the drums from a sample.

Before you spend your precious time and money trying to remove drums from a sample, take a look at some of my beat tutorial videos explaining my sample techniques and showing you how I creatively use the samples with the drums in them.

My Sample Flip Beats and video tutorials on How to Flip a Sample and Making Sample Flip Beats go into more detail about sample flipping, sample chopping and sample slicing. These videos demonstrate and explain the process I use when I flip a sample.

"Calling" Beat Cookup Video

Watch this video of me flipping a sample that contains drums. Like many of my sample flips, I use the drums within the sample to enhanced the beat I'm making. Notice the different ways I use the snare and other drum kit sounds from the sample in different places in my beat. Also, notice how I use the drums and flip the sample rhythmically.

I have tried products that claimed to be able to remove drums from a sample. But all these products did was try to filter the drum sound using EQ. When these products failed to completely remove the drum sounds from the sample, the fine print usually says something about not being able to removed the sounds without removing other sound in the sample. This points to the fact that the drum sounds in a song often share frequencies with other instruments and sounds in that song.

This is why I suggest that you learn about EQ and filtering. With the knowledge you gain, you can do as well as many products just by using the stock equalizer in Reason or any other DAW.

Layer The Drums In A Sample With Other Drum Sounds

"Calling" - Sample Chopping

Here is another video I made showing how to grab a sample to record and chop (select a sample). This video details how I made the sample selection for the "Calling" beat and how I chopped the sample selection into the slices I used in the Calling Beat Cookup video.

Filter The Drums In A Sample Using EQ

"Another Kind Of Love" - FULL SONG

Using EQ to cut frequencies of the drum sounds in a sample is common. I use filtering to do broad cutting of frequencies, whereas the many EQs give you the ability to do fine sculpting of frequencies.

Here is the final version of "Another Kind Of Love" - a sample flip beat that features my piano freestyle (improvisation).


Click the image below to download or purchase a license.

Another Kind of Love album art

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