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How To Sample A Song With Drums

You want to know sample techniques like how to sample a song with drums in it. TaurusBeats shares how he does it.

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by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

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How To Remove Drums From A Sample

A common sample technique is to select a sample that has drums in it, even when the drums are not wanted. You may want to know how to remove the drums from a sample. It's not easy. In fact, it's near impossible in most cases to completely remove the drums from a sample.

Before you spend your precious time (and money) trying to remove drums from a sample, try these sample techniques on how to sample songs with drums and creatively use the sample slices.

My Sample Flip Beats and video tutorials on How to Flip a Sample and Making Sample Flip Beats go into more detail about sample flipping, sample chopping and sample slicing. These videos demonstrate and explain the process I use when I flip a sample.

"Calling" Beat Cookup Video

Watch this video of me flipping a sample that contains drums. like many of my sample flips, I use the drums within the sample to enhanced the beat I'm making. Notice the different ways I use the snare and other drum kit sounds from the sample in different places in my beat. Also, notice how I use the drums and flip the sample rhythmically.

"Calling" - Sample Chopping

Here is another video I made showing how to grab a sample to record and chop (select a sample). This video details how I made the sample selection for the "Calling" beat and how I chopped the sample selection into the slices I used in the Calling Beat Cookup video.

"Another Kind Of Love" - FULL SONG

Here is the final version of "Another Kind Of Love" - a sample flip beat that features my piano freestyle (improvisation).


Click the image below to download or purchase a license.

Another Kind of Love album art

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