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image for Overcomer
Image for Overcomer – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Heartfelt, inspired, piano freestyle, life story, impassioned, cinematic, dramatic, romantic, moody instrumental music, background version (no piano improvisation)

The Story

overcomer reminds me that I am just that - an Overcomer.

"Overcomer" is Life Story Music from the "Vision" collection. Music to Inspire, Influence and Impact all those who have ears to hear.

This video captures one of my Inspired, improvisational piano performance (piano freestyle). I created the beat a week earlier. Then, I sat down at the keyboard and this piano freestyle (song) is what came to me.

I think it is obvious, but I always stress the fact that I am not a pianist. I'm glad I was able to record this performance, because I am not able to repeat it. I just don't know how...yet.With the loss of my central vision, the performance in this video is even more special to me because I am playing the keys "by feel" as well as "by ear".

This is music from my life story - a journey through time-space. As I Live Through The Loss of my eyesight, this song expresses my thoughts and emotions about being an "Overcomer".

Music performed, produced and arranged by Taurus James aka TaurusBeats.
Copyright 2018, Taurus James.

cinematic, instrumental, television theme music, movie music, soundtrack, original

#CatchHisFire #AdvanceTheKingdom # ITNOJ #BAMN #ATK #WeAreCMA #NotBySight #TriumphMusic

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xMh8RUnXHVQ



Moody instrumental Music
Copyright 2018 by Taurus M. James
All Rights Reserved.

Song Facts

Released: 2019
Writer: Taurus M. James
Label: ITNOJ Music
Producer: Taurus M. James (composer, performer)



cinematic, instrumental, television theme music, movie music, soundtrack, original

MUSIC Use Suggestions

film, movie, television theme, TV show, background, commercial, advertisement, ads, video game, video


147 bpm 

MUSIC Themes

nature, relation, sci-fi, technology, high class, religious, fantasy, movies, entertainment, showbiz, places, action, mystery, crime, drama


dramatic, adventurous, angry, dangerous, dark, eerie, haunting, evil, sinister, fearful, mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, paranoid, scary, strange, weird, suspenseful, uneasy, emotional, anticipation, anxious, frantic, insistent, strong, determined


percussion, keyboard, piano, orchestra, strings, cello, viola, violin, upright bass, string section, synth, synthisizer, whispering

Topics: Overcomer Vision Heartfelt inspired piano freestyle life story impassioned cinematic dramatic romantic moody instrumental music background

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