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Slow Hustle

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Image for Slow Hustle – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Slow Hustle is Original, moody mental music, downbeat, new age, rnb, soul



Slow Hustle


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Public? True
Recording Title: Slow Hustle
Alternative Title:
Recording Type: STUDIO
Date Recorded: 11/24/2020 9:37:30 AM
Recording Year:
Composition Year:
Track Reference:
Session Country USA
Cleared Territories:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Music Tempo:
Music Key:
Music Mood(s):
Samples Used:
Medium Info 
File Name: TAURUSBEATS_MEMORIES_008_SLOW-HUSTLE_130_0214_20210123_T.mp3
File Type MP3
File Size
Cover Art https://taurusbeats.com/files/taurusbeats-memories-slow-hustle.jpg
Contributor(s) Info 
Verified?: No
Author(s): Taurus M. James - ASCAP IPI#440853857
Composer(s): Taurus M. James - ASCAP IPI#440853857
Producer(s): Taurus M. James
Publisher(s): MYEL MEDIA LLC - ASCAP IPI#1193625247
Main Artist(s): Taurus M. James
Taurus M. James
Covered Artist(s):
Ownership Info 
Exploitable?: Yes
Owner: Taurus M. James
Full Control? Yes
Master: Taurus M. James
Composition: Taurus M. James
Country: USA
Language Info 
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Active? True
Date Added 10/18/2021 3:34:48 PM
Date Updated
Description memories


Music Description

Music Type: original, downbeat

Music Tempo: 90 bpm (slow)

Instruments: drums. bass, electronic piano, piano, guitar, horns, trumpets, sample loop

Genre(s): Relaxing music, Chill music, Chillhop, Downtempo

Lounge, Background, Chill Music, slow tempo, low energy, original, Muzak


The Story Behind The Music

WHY - Ever had a crush when you were younger? Remember how awkward and clumsy you felt whenever you were around your crush?

I made YOUNG CRUSH as a a reflective, sentimental beat as I remembered my "young crush(es)" -( and some of my not-so-young crushes).

WHAT (about the beat) - The beat moves very sloppy on purpose as a way to point back to how I felt as a teen trying to navigate new experiences with emotions. I double the kick drum to point to the heart "skipping beats" while the sentimental guitar loop plays, indicating longing, uncertainty and fear of rejection. The trumpets signify the fire of ... Okay, okay...

Most of that was BS, but some of it is true. All of the beat elements are deliberate and do reflect how I remember how I felt around certain girls I had a "crush" on. However, I did not make the beat spontaneously, the way I always do. In other words, I did not start out to make a beat about a young crush.

HOW - TaurusBeats used Reason Studios Reason (formerly Propellerhead) as the DAW (digital audio workstation) and a Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard as a MIDI controller. 

I started with the guitar loop. Then, I built the rest of the beat around the loop - "wrapping the sample" with my hand-played instrumentation. Everything except for the guitar loop is me - hand playing the parts (humanizing). I added layers of my own guitar (panned left and right), piano chords and melody, electric piano chords, a sine wave sub-bass, and trumpets.

WHEN - 11/24/2020 9:09:30 AM 

WHERE - Xenia, Ohio, USA - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

WHO - Producer/Performer: Taurus M. James (TaurusBeats) performed, recorded, mixed and produced this moody instrumental




Here is how I attempted to describe the moods for this music:

repetitive, mechanical, atmospheric, dramatic, angry, dangerous, DARK, eerie, mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, paranoid, scary, uneasy, SORROWFUL, mournful, strong, anthemic, bold, somber, determined, epic, TRAGIC

Your feedback is very important to me me. What do you thin?. 

What mood does this mood put you in? How does this music make you feel? Please, let me know in the comments section below. 




I think about my music in story form. Every song or beat I make is telling a story or part of a story. Here are some Music Storylines or Plots for this song.


  • Main character is basically good but flawed and frustrated with  life.
  • Main character is tempted and compelled to break the rules of society, setting in motion a series of events that lead to downfall or death.
  • Towards the end of the story, Main character comes to regret the choices made, but it is too late and downdall or death occurs anyway.

Voyage and Return

  • Main character travels to  unfamiliar place, meets new characters and overcomes a series of trials, while trying to get home.
  • The new friendships and new-found wisdom allow them to find their way back home again.

Music for Movies

Do you think my music would fit in one of the movies below? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.



Use Suggestions

I would love fo my music to be used in films, commercials, videos, video games. But I can also see my music being used in elevators, waiting rooms and lounges - you know, the background music in those places.

Here are some other suggestions:

film, television, video, background, sci-fi, drama, fantasy, movies, crime

What do you suggest? Where can you picture my music being used? In what ways and what venues can you see people using my music? Tell me in the comments section.



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