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Soul On Ice

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Piano Instrumental Music, Sample Flip, RnB Hip Hop



Soul On Ice


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Recording Title: Soul On Ice
Alternative Title:
Recording Type: STUDIO
Date Recorded: 5/3/2013 10:43:14 PM
Recording Year:
Composition Year:
Track Reference:
Session Country USA
Cleared Territories:
Primary Genre:
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Music Tempo:
Music Key:
Music Mood(s):
Samples Used:
Medium Info 
File Name: TAURUSBEATS_Bad-Bull-Beats_Soul-On-Ice.mp3
File Type MP3
File Size
Cover Art https://taurusbeats.com/files/taurusbeats-bad-bull-beats-soul-on-ice.jpg
Contributor(s) Info 
Verified?: No
Author(s): Taurus M. James - ASCAP IPI#440853857
Composer(s): Taurus M. James - ASCAP IPI#440853857
Producer(s): Taurus M. James
Publisher(s): MYEL MEDIA LLC - ASCAP IPI#1193625247
Main Artist(s): Taurus M. James
Taurus M. James
Covered Artist(s):
Ownership Info 
Exploitable?: Yes
Owner: Taurus M. James
Full Control? Yes
Master: Taurus M. James
Composition: Taurus M. James
Country: USA
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Date Added 10/18/2021 3:34:48 PM
Date Updated
Description bad-bull-beats


Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

I use Propellerhead Reason to make sample flip beats - sample flipping. This is How I Reason - #howireason.

The Story

Here is a little background info about Soul On Ice sample flip moody instrumental beat.


I made this beat when I was feeling pretty good and optimistic about life in general. I could see the many blessing in my life and I really made it a point to stop and reflect on all of the good in me and around me.

This is one of my early piano freestyles (piano improvisations). When I think back at this time in my music journey, I am amazed at the fact that I really just sat down and started playing these piano parts like I already knew how to play piano.

Soul On Ice - Reason sample flip beat cookup instrumental mpd oxygen8 sample


I liked the guitar and I wanted to do a sample flip with a piano improvisation


2/6/2009 3:38:42 PM


Montgomery, Alabama - Maxwell, Air Force Base


Here I am using the AKAI MPD USB/MIDI PAD CONTROLLER to trigger sounds in Propellerhead Reason devices while making "Soul On Ice". .

Watch How I Make This Beat

Video: The Making of Soul On Ice

Song Facts

"Soul On Ice"
Artist: TaurusBeats
Album: Bad Bull Beats
Producer:Taurus M. James
Made using Propellerhead Reason with Akai MPD32 and M-Audio Oxygen8 as MIDI controllers

#beatmaker #musiccreator #musicmaker #Musicproducer

#notbysight #wearecma #howireason

#blind #visuallyimpaired #legallyblind #lowvision #partiallysighted

Topics: Soul On Ice Eldridge Cleaver Sample Flip Beat

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