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Techniques For Humanizing Instruments In Reason

Topics: Techniques For Humanizing Instruments  tutorial Techniques For Humanizing  humanizing humanize piano humanizing technique layering reason doubling change octave layering piano piano pattern variation less robotic technique

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Humanizing Instruments (Part 5 of 7)

In this Reason music making tutorial video, TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James) is showing how to "humanize" instruments using layering, variation and other techniques to make instruments like piano sound less robotic while making music in Reason.

In Part 5:

- Humanizing Techniques to make instruments sound more human and less robotic
- Layering Piano patterns
- Variation: Change up piano patterns
- Double piano parts to make sound less robotic

Time: 11:07

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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is original, Ska-type, focused, upbeat, moody, background, incidental, intermission, televison theme music  (123 bpm 5:02) by Taurus M. James.

Posted in Emurgency (2004)