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The VISION Album

A Time-Space Journey living through the loss of my eyesight.

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FAQ / Terms and Conditions

Can I release songs and/or music videos I record to the beats I've purchased on free mixtapes, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.?

Yes. Taurus James must be credited for all beats he produced in the description.

Can I release songs I record to the beats I’ve purchased on monetized streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon etc.?

Yes, under THREE requirements.

1. Taurus James must be credited as the producer for any beat(s) he produced.

2. Artist CANNOT release music with just Taurus James' instrumentals and no recorded vocals. That includes album intros and outros, interludes etc.

3. Artist must be registered with a P.R.O. (i.e. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and assign “Taurus James” a 10% share of the writer’s AND publisher’s royalties of each song using his beats.

WARNING: Songs to Taurus James’ beats released on monetized streaming platforms without the registered 10% share under a P.R.O. will be reported and ultimately taken down.


Taurus James (Writer/Composer): IPI#: 440853857

ITNOJ Music (Publisher): IPI#: 440616286

Why only a 10% share?

With leasing rights, other artists can/will release songs using the same beats. Taurus James may also use beats for his own projects, television/commercial placements, films, video games etc.

Can I purchase exclusive rights?

We do not offer exclusive rights to any beats at taurusbeats.com. Taurus James retains ownership of his compositions, but grants artists unlimited streams and units sold with purchase of leasing/non-exclusive rights.

Can I get multi-track “stems”, extensions/re-arrangements or WAV files?

Stems and WAV files are not available. All beats come as is, in high quality mp3 format. Extensions and re-arrangements can done by the artist or a recording engineer using any standard DAW (Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools etc.) or audio editing program (Audacity, WaveLab, Adobe Audition etc.).

Can a YouTuber, podcaster or filmmaker lease beats to use in videos or podcasts?

Yes, Taurus James must be credited in the videos, podcasts and/or description sections. If filmmakers’ projects are registered on IMDb, Taurus James must be credited as composer under his real name “Taurus James”.

Are the tracks from Taurus James' instrumental albums available (i.e. VISION, CMA Beats, Smooth James etc.)?

No. The only available tracks are in the Beat Store.

Does Taurus James do custom beats?

Taurus James currently does not make custom beats.

WARNING: All sample-based beats are intended for promotional use only (i.e. Soundcloud, YouTube, mixtapes etc.)!  It is not recommended for artists to officially publish music with uncleared samples.  Taurus James is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any sample clearance issues, nor responsible for retrieving original sources of samples.  ** = contains sample

Download Guidelines

TaurusBeats.com is NOT responsible for lost files/tracks after the initial download.

We recommend downloading your files/tracks RIGHT AFTER purchase to prevent from error codes, expired links or any miscellaneous issues.

We recommend backing up your files through multiple sources (i.e. hard-drives, cloud drives, other computers etc.) RIGHT AFTER you download them to prevent from lost files, computer crashes, theft, and any miscellaneous damages.

Please make sure to check your e-mail’s spam folder if your purchased download has not appeared in your inbox.

TaurusBeats.com WILL NOT resend files/tracks unless it is within 30 days from the purchase date (with proof of purchase).