My Soundtrack (2004)

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My Soundtrack (2004)

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After HoursTaurus M. James - My Soundtrack (2004)
Beat Makes MeatTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
Beyond The HillsTaurus James - My Soundtrack (2004)
HoppinTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
Straight No ChaserTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
TempTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
After 4Taurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
Fall Of AnguishTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
My FootstepsTaurus M. James - My Soundtrack (2004)
No Right LeftTaurus M. James - My Soundtrack (2004)
RacinTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
RunTaurus M. James (ASCAP) - My Soundtrack (2004)
2 Tim 3Taurus M. James - My Soundtrack (2004)
Last DaysTaurus James - My Soundtrack (2004)
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All songs produced by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
All songs © 2004 Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved.
Original, Moody instruMental Music.

With cleverly orchestrated tracks, My Soundtrack gives you music to make you feel like you are star of the movie.

My Soundtrack: Music From The Life Of...

This collection contains songs that blend musical genres into a focused, dramatic and emotional outburst from my soul. This collection is the follow-up to my two-volume, debut release Final Hour Music Volumes 1 and 2.

I created these songs as my own personal soundtrack. Actually, it's more like the incidental music that you hear in a film.

Listen and enjoy!


My Soundtrack (2004)

After 4

Original, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Dramatic, Dark, Aggressive, Dance 105 bpm 4:36

My Footsteps

Original, piano, moody instrumental, life story music 97 bpm 5:23


Orchestrated Hip-Hop, Cinematic, Soundtrack Film Music by TaurusBeats

Last Days

Cinematic Music, Television Show Theme, Film Music featuring Piano

What People Are Saying

Eddie Konczal - na
Beautiful version of "Mary Did You Know" - great job!
paxilz - USA
great music!!!!!!
Judy &Curtis Price - USA
We are so proud of you and all that you do. It is good to know that God gets the Glory in all you do.
We are looking forward to the day that we will be able to do something.
I am working on a couple of things.
One being 'The woman, The Baby, The Word' It is deep.
Looking forward to hearing great things
from you.
Love to the family
Momma Judy & Curt
angie wize - USA
Hello, I am angie wize. I was online looking for music and I heard samples of your work. Love it, so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
shan - us
Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.
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