Tempo 081-110

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Tempo 081-110

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Medium Tempo Music in the TaurusBeats.com digital catalog will include both vocal and instrumental pieces. Songs will be placed in this category when they range between 81 BPM to 110 BPM. The tempo is completely independent of the energy level of the song. However, it will not be uncommon to find songs that are medium in tempo are also medium energy. Songs that are deemed medium are often selected for use as background music among other uses. Medium tempo songs in the TaurusBeats.com catalog are cross-indexed and searchable by overall style and genre influences.


Tempo 081-110


Super Hero Music Hip Hop Sample Flip Beat


Original piano cinematic film music video game soundtrack by Taurus M. James

Face Me

Scarface Type Beat, Story Rap, Sample Flip Hip Hop

Life Not Seen

Original music with strong emotional piano lamenting life not seen


Epic sample flip beat remix of Kansas Magnum Opis.

Quik Ends

Piano funk soul mashup think DJ Quik meets Loose Ends.


NINA Sample Flip Beat by Taurus M. James - Anthem sample flip of Nina Simone Sinnerman


Slow, Dark, Brooding, Mean, Tough, Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 85 bpm

Welcome Back

Dark, Piano, Moody, Dramatic, Hip Hop Sample Flip Life Story Instrumental Music 90 bpm

The Grind

Intense, mean, slow, life story rap, sample flip beat 86 bpm

Souled Out

Hip Hop Beat, Sample Flip Beat, Party Beat, RnB, Soul, Funk, Think Soul Train

Like It

Hip Hop Beat, Sample Flip Beat, Story Rap Beat, RnB Club Beat


J Dilla Tribute Sample Flip Hip Hop Beat, Epic Story Rap Beat

All I Do

Happy Sample Flip Beat, RnB, Party Beat

Be Franc

Classical Music Hip Hop Interpolation

Still Holding On

Slow, Life Story, Epic Cinematic Beat, Story Rap, Interpolation 86 bpm


Pound Cake Remix Piano Original Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats


Slow, brooding, intense, tough, sample flip beat remix for epic story rap 80 bpm


Hip Hop Sample Flip Beat, Funk Groove

Brought Low

Original Piano, Moody Instrumental Music (R.I.P. Curtis Price)

What People Are Saying

Man im glad i came thru yo videos lol im still on reasons5 and been tryin to learn more on it then just making my simple beats lol hope to learn from ya on ya videos! ! Yo beats are bananas! !?
pandapoonmonster - na
Nice. I just started makin beats on reason 4 with an axiom 25. Still have alot to learn but i hope to be as good as this soon. Music is life, keep it up.
Jonathan Ustin - na
Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?
Uprightvideo - na
I sent you a message a while back but never got a response. You are probably the main reason I gave up my Mpc 2500 and went with Reason and the Mpd 32....I'm still making music with the combo....thanks Taurus. :-)
paxilz - USA
great music!!!!!!
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