Alto Sax and Piano Freestyle Beat Video

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Alto Sax and Piano Freestyle Beat Video

Alto Sax and Piano Freestyle Beat Video by Taurus M. James


This my first Alto Sax and Piano Freestyle in the same song.

I made the moody instrumental music track as a background loop that I can use to freestyle on.

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Image for Alto Sax and Piano Freestyle Beat Video –

"Piano Freestyle" - Unrehearsed improvisation on pison. Grown-man Hip-Hop or Jazz

This is just something I do to have fun and work on my ear training. I am not a pianist at all and I don't know how to play piano like a pianist. I just try to make the keys play what I hear in my head.

As with all of my piano freestyle videos, this recording is the only version of the "song" that I'm making up on the fly. I'm not able to perform this version again...yet.

In this video, I'm improvising (freestyling) with the alto sax and the piano over a basic track that I made.

As with all of my freestyle videos, this is the only version of this "song" because I have not learned how to re-create what I come up with...yet.

My daughter brought her alto sax home from school one day and I decided to try and learn it with her. Never played one before, but I'm always looking to learn something new.

yousician saxophone

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