How To Flip A Sample - Calling

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How To Flip A Sample - Calling

TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the beat Calling


Calling Sample Flip Beat Video; Calling Sample Flip Beat Video made with Propellerhead Reason; TaurusBeats shows How To Flip A Sample with Akai MPD32 and Propellerhead Reason making the beat Calling.

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The Story Behind Calling

Calling features a sample from the great Al Jarreau.

This sampled hip-hop beat was done in Propellerheads Reason 4.01, using the Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI controller.

Shouts to my man Orlando Smith for this one!

My man, Orlando (Steve Smith), hit me up in an email about Al Jarreau and we chatted for a minute about his music. I can appreciate Al's uniqueness in music. The fact that he does his thing, and has been doing his thing for years, is what I admire the most.

For decades, Al Jarreau has been scat singing and when he's gone, we'll be hard pressed to find someone like him - his talent, his sound, the man is just unique! He inspires me to stick to what I'm doing with this Moody instruMental Music. I listen to Al and it's like he's saying, "Just do YOU!"

Here's my tribute to Al Jarreau. Now, I hope he can get some more play in the hood! HAHAHAHA!

Total time to create the beat: 56 minutes



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