For My Soul

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For My Soul

Dramatic, piano instrumental, groove, cinematic, tough, intense, epic, sample flip beat, theme music, story rap beat 93 bpm 5:35

For My Soul

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Dramatic, piano instrumental, groove, cinematic, tough, intense, epic, sample flip beat, theme  music, story rap beat 93 bpm 5:35

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image for For My Soul
Image for For My Soul –

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

The Story

"For My Soul" epic sample flip beat - Moody instruMental Music by Taurus M. James 

For My Soul is an epic sample flip beat for a television theme or story rap beat

This is another sample flip beat,

Made for Dreamer Moody instruMental Music Collection

Dreamer | Sample Flip Beat | Moody instruMental Music

"There's a war going on outside no man is safe from..."

Many live as though sleep, failing to acknowledge the supernatural battles taking place all around them - and within them.

With this track, I acknowledge the war For My Soul and that the victory is already won.

Apekduomai - The enemy has been defeated! Christ the King is victorious...For My Soul

Sample Facts

The Bells of Notre Dame
Artist: Paul Kandel, David Ogden Stiers, Tony Jay, Chorus
Album: The Hunchback of Notre Dame: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Released: July 3, 1996
Label: Walt Disney Records
Producer: Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz


groove, sample flip, instrumental, remix, mashup, cinematic

MUSIC Use Suggestions



94bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

MUSIC Themes

life story music, cinematic, storytelling


busy, catchy, dramatic, adventurous, angry, dangerous, dark, eerie, haunting, evil, sinister, fearful, mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, paranoid, scary, stealthy, strange, weird, suspenseful, uneasy, energetic, aggressive, lively, urgent, insistent, passionate, melodramatic, strong, anthemic, bold, confident, determined, epic, powerful, sophisticated, victorious


drums, percussion, strings, bass, synth, keys, piano, sample, chimes, violin, cellos

Important Notice:

IMPORTANT: This song contains a sample. If you purchase a license to use this song, you are responsible for clearing the sample for use in your project. Contact me if you want to license a version of this song without the sample.

Keywords: For My Soul, The Bells of Notre Dame, The Hunchback of Notre Dame: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack, sample beat, sample flip beat, Dreamer

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What People Are Saying

teeblack06 - na
i love your beats. they always got that feeling in them like you trying to tell a story.
Kamikahze - na
Where are you located? Also what would it take for you to produce some tracks for an urban hip hop gospel album?
Lord Toranaga - na
you make great videos. excellent production quality!
Kingdavid7 - na
RE: The Upper Room... Love what you guys are doing.
paxilz - USA
great music!!!!!!
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