How To Chop Samples In Reason

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How To Chop Samples In Reason

How to chop slice samples in Propellerhead Reason ReCycle


A subscriber wants to know How To Chop Samples In Reason.

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How To Chop Samples In Reason 4

Subscriber Question:

watz up taurus beats, i just wondered if you could give me some advice on the best way to chop up samples in the reason 4 program? i am not really familiar with using of the music samples and would like to be able to build some of my tracks using them. would be much appreciated if you could. thanks.

UPDATE: You Can Chop Samples In Reason!

We've come a long way since Reason 4! I still user Propellerhead ReCycle to chop samples for use in Reason. I know that Reason now gives you the ability to chop samples within the Reason program, but I have not found this built-in feature to be easier than using ReCycle.

Grace and Peace!

My Answer:

The first thing is that you can't chop samples in Reason 4. Propellerhead Reason 4 does not have this capability built-in. The sample chopping is actually done in a separate software program - an audio editor. Almost any audio editor will allow you to chop/slice samples, but some editors make chopping samples easier to do than others.

My Process - How to Chop Samples for Reason 4

I use Sony's Sound Forge 8 to "chop" samples from a song. This is basic sampling, where I simply "chop" the "chunks" of music from the original song. From these sample "chunks", I go back and make smaller "slices: or "chops".

Since you are new to sampling, I want you to understand the different steps in the sampling process. Technically, all of this is "sampling" and all of what I described so far is considered sample "chopping" or sample "slicing".

Next, I use Propellerhead ReCycle 2.1 to make smaller sample chops/slices from the larger sample chunks. This is the "fine" slicing or chopping that is simply cutting the chunks into smaller pieces.

ReCycle allows me to chop samples and save the slices as .REX/.RX2 files that I can load into Reason's NNXT Advanced Sampler or the DrRex. You don't have to save your slices in this format in order to use them in Reason. You can chop your samples in a different program and save the slices as .WAV files and use the sample slices ("flip" the samples) in Reason's NNXT.

I'll make a video on this topic - How to Chop Samples in Reason - to show you what I mean, but my process goes like this...

I know it sounds like a lot, and there are probably some faster/better ways to do this, but this is my process and it works for me.

Let me know if this helps and let me know how I can help you develop your own process.

Grace and Peace!

My Tutorials Show How To Chop Samples

I have hours of in-depth video tutorials that show you how to chop samples and how to flip samples using Propellerhead Reason. Get the help you need. Sign up and get access to all of my video tutorials!

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