Instrumental Soundtracks with Piano:

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Instrumental Soundtracks with Piano:


Need Instrumental Music With A Piano?

I made this video showing an example of how I use the piano to check my bass lines. I use this same technique with samples when I do sample flip beats. Even though I'm using Reason, this technique can be used in any DAW.

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Reason Beat Making - Sample Flip Beats - How to make beats - Bass Lines

In the producer's own words, here's what they're looking for: "Sound design with nice piano lead pattern/melody. This is an documentary video, between 2.5 and 3 minutes long, about the aluminium production process. There will be a voice over during the whole movie, so please keep that in mind to not let the music and production dominate. Keep it simple, maybe some nice metallic crisp percussion beats/sounds, and a positive simple piano pattern; rythmic or a melody, or both. Avoid too many elements in the production, please."

Piano featured music

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