J Dilla Are You Listening Piano Freestyle Beat Video

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J Dilla Are You Listening Piano Freestyle Beat Video

Improvisational Playing Piano By Ear by TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James

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Piano Freestyles Video Series - Dilla Are You Listening

Beatmaking tutorial - Piano Freestyles - How to Make Beats - Dilla Are You Listening

Watch TaurusBeats make Moody Instrumental Music using Propellerhead Reason, Akai MPD32 USB/MIDI hardware control surface and the Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard.

In this video, I'm just practicing - doing a lot of impromptu playing (improvisation) around with a smooth beat I made using Propellerhead Reason.

Time: 5:26

This post is about: piano freestyle, improvisation, ear training

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What are Piano Freestyles?

Sometimes, my Moody Instrumental Music and sample flip beats lead me to do Piano Freestyles. Piano Freestyles are kind of like freestyle rapping over a beat, except I'm using the piano to come up with piano parts on the fly, (or "off the dome" - off the top of my head). 

Piano Freestyles are a collection of my piano improvisation videos. I do Piano Freestyles in order to work on ear training and mechanics.

Why I make Piano Freestyle videos

As a self-taught keyboard player, I hope to encourage you to do your best with what you currently have.

With these piano freestyle videos, I hope to inspire you on your beatmaking journey. No matter what your current limitations are. don't allow them to stop you from creating.

I do these piano freestyle videos as a way to practice ear training (playing piano by ear), while paying tribute to my favorite artists, who have inspired and influenced me in my music journey.

Please share with your friends on social media!

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. and I'll see you there! =)

Thank you for your support.

Grace and Peace!
Taurus M. James

Piano Freestyle Information

"J Dilla Are You Listening?"

Moody Instrumental Music
Piano Freestyle performance,
Beat Arrangement,
by Taurus M. James, 2014

"Are You Listening" is a beat produced by J Dilla.

Artist: J Dilla
Album: Yancey Boys (Instrumentals)
Year: 2009
Music: "R U Listenin'?" by Illa J 



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Keywords: piano freestyle, improvisation, J Dilla

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