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Romantic, smooth jazz, piano instrumental 93 bpm


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Romantic, smooth jazz, piano instrumental 93 bpm

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image for Rain
Image for Rain –

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

The Story Behind Rain

I love rain. As a child growing up in Southeast, Washington, DC, I would sit quietly and watch the rain for hours. I loved the sound of the rain as it approached. I loved the smell after the rain passed. I loved the way the sunlight would glisten through rain drops as they gell from tree leaves. 


Song Facts

Artist: Taurus M. James
Album: The Genius
Released: 2006
Writer: Taurus M. James
Label: Faithwalk Music (ASCAP)
Producer: Taurus M. James


piano, instrumental, smooth jazz

MUSIC Use Suggestions

work, thinking, background 


93 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)


introspective, lonely, nostalgic, reflective, poignant, sentimental, thoughtful, Positive, optimistic, relaxed, laid back, romantic, tender


drums, bass, piano, percussion, chimes, synth, sythesizer, strings, cello, violin, viola

Important Notice:

IMPORTANT: This song contains a sample. If you purchase a license to use this song, you are responsible for clearing the sample for use in your project. Contact me if you want to license a version of this song without the sample.

Keywords: Rain, original music, moody instrumental music, moody music

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