Reckless Love

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Reckless Love

Grace Crossing Church 0930 Service 2018-01-21

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Reckless Love

Grace Crossing Church 0930 Service 2018-01-21

Josh, Gavin, Mike, Meagan, Taurus

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Image for Reckless Love –

This is the first time I played Reckless Love during church worship service. My timing is bad. I;m not playing with a click track and I was so concerned with the song running away during the chorus that I actually slowed the song down.

I start this song out at about 106 bpm, but slow it down to about 104 bpm. The original track tempo is around 110 bpm).

This version has:

Piano and Lead Vocals: Josh

Background Vocals: Megan

Bass: Gavin

Lead Guitar: Mike

Drums: Taurus




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