TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 118

TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 118

TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 118

image for TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 118Image for TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 118 –

Check out my track "Decon-Recon" on Sample Mutilation #10 - Weekly Homework Podcast #118


Start time - 52:25 - "Decon-Recon" - Sample Flip Beat

Weekly Homework Podcast #118 - Sample Mutilation #10 - Weekly Homework Podcast #118

It all began in week #2. The recurring assignment that ignited and defined the Weekly Homework Assignment / Podcast appropriately named, Sample Mutilation. It's one of your more popular podcasts and every time we release another, it not only grows our fan base, but our membership. Simultaneously reinforcing our confidence in our craft. This time will be no different. Every participant receives the same sample and the goal is to mutilate it beyond recognition while creating some new. This is volume #10.

This week we hear from:

DIXI Freely
Okay Joey
Ron B.
Basement Chemistry
18th Dynasty
RTO Beats
Mr. Wallace

Intro / Outro by Diggahertz

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What People Are Saying

shan - us

Taurus you are so talented. You can really tell that there is emotion behind your music and that it's is not just some notes put together. I appreciate your art. Its a beautiful picture.

Pro-Christ - na

Music is great!!!Christ Like on the REALLL!! fire Pro-Christ

weiss1377 - na

i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?

Jonathan Ustin - na

Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?

angie wize - USA

Hello, I am angie wize. I was online looking for music and I heard samples of your work. Love it, so far. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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