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After HoursSoundtrack, mysterious, Moody, Eletronica, Medium Tempo, Medium Energy, Intellectual, determined, romantic, piano improvisation, Film, Fusion, Muzak for Lounge, Sci-Fi & Space.Tempo: 123, Duration: 4:11, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Chasin DreamsTempo: 110, Duration: 4:41, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Apostate 2Tempo: 120, Duration: 3:00, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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SkaTempo: 110, Duration: 3:33, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Digerdoo StepTempo: 135, Duration: 6:43, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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In My ReachTempo: 135, Duration: 2:01, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Digerdoo StepTempo: 135, Duration: 1:27, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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NeedsTempo: 135, Duration: 1:27, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Get MovinTempo: 138, Duration: 3:32, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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BossTempo: 135, Duration: 2:52, Price: $25.00 - 25.00
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Beautiful (remix)Tempo: 135, Duration: 2:59, Price: $25.00 - 25.00

130 Degrees (2005)

All songs produced by Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
All songs © 2005, Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved.
Original, Moody instruMental Music.

130 Degrees: Cool Heat is a collection of my music venturing into the "Electronica/Dance" genre.

I put this collection together as more of an experiment at first. Later, I found myself really takin a liking to the genre because of its energy.

I incorporate more of my "Cinematic Sounds" and "Intelligent" flavor into these tracks, each of which has a tempo of 130 BPM or greater.

This is a great collection of tracks with energy and motion, perfect for a high-speed aerobic session or hot night of dancing.

Listen and enjoy!


130 Degrees (2005)

What People Are Saying

Edward Samuel - India

This site has good instrumental music

Kamikahze - na

Where are you located? Also what would it take for you to produce some tracks for an urban hip hop gospel album?

Lord Toranaga - na

you make great videos. excellent production quality!

paxilz - USA

great music!!!!!!

Shawna East - USA

I have listened to the music that God has inspired you to produce and I just wanted to tell you that you are a blessing!! You are truly anointed and walking in your purpose. Never give up on this!!!! Much love to you and Sissie (and my litlle niece/nephew)
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