Music Producer Diary

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Music Producer Diary

The TaurusBeats Music Producer Diary is a video blog focused on the moody instrumental music created over the years. These are personal insights and reflections on the music and life of Taurus James, moody instrumental musician and visually impaired producer.

image for Chapter 38 COVID-19 Chronicles

Chapter 38 COVID-19 Chronicles

image for Chapter 37 Eclipse

Chapter 37 Eclipse

image for Chapter 36 Just Because

Chapter 36 Just Because

image for Chapter 35 Study Beats

Chapter 35 Study Beats

image for Chapter 34 The Lounge

Chapter 34 The Lounge

image for Chapter 31 Christ Beats

Chapter 31 Christ Beats

image for Chapter 32 CMA Beats

Chapter 32 CMA Beats

image for Chapter 33 Vision

Chapter 33 Vision