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Music Producers are Music Holders

Whether you are a Beat Maker, Music Producer, Music Artist, Music Composer, Musician, we are all Music Holders for a limited time. 

The reason I call us Music Holders is because that is what we are doing in this journey - "Holding Music" for a limited time. 

While we may say that we are "creating" or "making" music, we are bringing forth to this world what is already inside or passing through us spontaneously. Understanding this point can help improve the music and life journey. 

Your Health Will Determine How Well You Hold The Music

You will find, if you haven't already, that your ability to make music is dependent on many different things working together.

Do you realize that YOU are the main part of your music “production” machine?

You may understand the breakdown of all the parts of the music production lifecycle, or a music production workflow and how all the parts must work together to get a great product/song/beat.

But do you understand how your mental and emotional health depends on your physical, relational, financial and spiritual  health?

Much like the different parts of a beat making workflow must work together for the beat to be great, so must components of your health work together in order for you to “Hold Music” better while you navigate this life journey.

Healthy Living For Music Producers

When I mention the title "Music Producer", I mean to include the traditional definition of the title along with Music Artists or "Music Holders" of all types. All Music Artists "produce" music in some way. 

I want to draw your attention to a bigger picture (broader perspective) while you are on this journey of music and life.

Healthy living as a music starts the same way as in any other part of life- with intentional mindfulness. 

Healthy living doesn't just happen. 

You have to be intentional about your health and mindful of your health as you navigate the journey.

Your Health as a Music Holder is Important

You are more than a Music Producer. You are a Human Being in this Life Journey. 

You are a Music Holder.

Your health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and financial) is more important than your abilities as a music producer or artist.



As a Music Holder, you are powerful and gifted to hold this music - any music that comes through you - for “a limited time” (a little while).

The Life journey is brief and filled with many challenges beyond our control. This is why the Music part of the journey is such a gift.

In the search to make better beats and do this and that when it comes to music, health  is dropped lower and lower as a priority. 

Don't believe me. Just check your search history and compare how many times you searched for some information to improve your health to how many times you search for a way to improve your musical ability. 

Your Health Will Impact Your Music

I put this section together to share information that I have found extremely helpful to me for improving my overall health for my music and life journey. I share the health challenges I have encountered on the journey and I share how I overcome the challenges.

Now, the Peace and Balance in my Life Journey is reflected in the Music I am making. 

To keep things simple for me, I focus on Five areas of living while I navigate my journey.


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After Life

Original, Dark, Mysterious, Dramatic, Somber, determined, RnB, Hip Hop beat 100 bpm 4:00

RnB, Hip Hop Beat, Dark, Mysterious, Dramatic, Determined, Heavy, Medium Tempo, Medium Energy, Intellectual, Groove, Lounge, Original, 100 bpm 4:00