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AriseSlow, dramatic, dreamy, ethereal, heavenly,  magical moody instrumental 70 bpmTempo: 70 Duration: 2:40
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Im SorryOriginal, Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 107 bpm 4:04Tempo: 107 Duration: 4:02
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LinkinTempo: 80 Duration: 5:45

New Age

Adult Alternative, Ambient, Celtic New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Energy Healing, Environmental, Ethnic Fusion, Healing, Meditation, Nature, Neo-Classical, New Age, Progressive Alternative, Progressive Electronic, Relaxation, Self-Help, Shamanic, Solo Instrumental, Space, Spiritual, Techno-Tribal, Yoga



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Slow, dramatic, dreamy, ethereal, heavenly,  magical moody instrumental 70 bpm
Westward (2011)
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Im Sorry
Original, Piano, Moody Instrumental Music 107 bpm 4:04
Heartwashed (2006)
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What People Are Saying

Dj Sergio - Poland

Oh men!! Your Exodus is a really good track!! great beat.......piano.... fantastic.......tell me where you will be have more tracks on your site...

jjcue3 - na

Hey TaurusBeats just letting ya know you are inspirational man. You say your a drummer and not a pianist..........damn dude, you rock dem keys pretty gooooooood! All the best to you man and I gonna keep on listening!

Dennis Rogers Jr - USA

you just made a serious fan! and id actually like to buy some instrumentals. i did nothing but write while i was gone and its time to do something with my lyrics.

gospa rap theme records - na

hey the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions

Maluson - Belgium

Hey Taurus, i told u i would listen to ur beats, man, they're bangin, so funky.
Keep doin what u do, u do it well, no doubt.
I hope we could have the opportunity to work together. As soon as my new 'sounds' are online i'll hit u up with it.
Much appreciation for your listening on my page.
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