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Babygirl Chill Groove Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video

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image for Babygirl Chill Groove Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
Image for Babygirl Chill Groove Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

In this Chill Groove Piano Freestyle music video, TaurusBeats Reason Recording Session (20210111_145812), Taurus M. James creates a sentimental piano song ("off-the-top") for his "Babygirl" piano downtempo beat (found on the "MEMORIES" Moody Mental Music album).


  • Track Title: Babygirl
  • Genre: Chillout, Chill
  • Subgenre: Chill Groove, Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz
  • Primary Artist: Taurus M. James
  • Featured Artists: none
  • Composer: Taurus M. James
  • Publisher: ITNOJ Music / Taurus M. James (ASCAP)
  • Producers: TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James)
  • Additional Contributors: none
  • Explicit Content: none
  • Lyrics Language: none
  • Lyrics publisher: none
  • Composition Owner: Taurus M. James
  • Year of Composition: 2021 (2021/01/11 2:58PM)
  • Master Recording Owner: Taurus M. James
  • Year of Recording: 2021 (2021/03/03 published on YouTube)
  • Release Language: English

More Music Information

  • Musical Key: 
  • Music Tempo: 80 bpm (Medium 61bpm - 80bpm)
  • Music Duration: 5:21
  • Music Type: piano improvisation, instrumental, piano freestyle
  • Music Use Suggestions: background, lounge, lobby, waiting area, relax, chill
  • Music Moods and Feel: heartfelt, relaxing, sentimental, serious, romantic
  • Instruments: drums, bass, piano, keys, synth, electronic piano, percussion, guitar

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