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How To Get Better At Making Beats

Learn how to get better at making beats with the tips TaurusBeats shares in this video.

How To Get Better At Making Beats - TaurusBeats shares his tips on the subject in this video.

Is it easy to make beats?

Since you are on this page, it is assumed that you are not finding it easy to make beats. The general answer to the question is, "It depends."

It depends on your starting skill level and your overall ability to learn, along with some other things (like practice). It wasn't easy to learn how to ride a bike, at first, but it is now.

When students ask me is it easy to make beats, I tell them it depends on Tools, Time and Tenacity. You need the right Tools to help make it easy for you to make beats. You need to MAKE time to develop your beat making skills. You need the Tenacity to stick with the learning/improvement process, no matter what.

How Can I Improve My Beats?

LISTEN and LISTEN again. This is the most important skill you will develop and this skill is valuable in ALL aspects of your life.

Spend time listening to your own beats with a "reference track" - a beat from someone you like, or someone you are trying to emulate (copy). As you listen, you may have to change the way you think. It is easy to over-criticize your beat and say how bad it is when you compare it with a professionally polished beat. Keep in mind that you are just starting out and don't have the "professional polish" of mastering. So, don't crush yourself with negative self talk! You are learning. So, talk (to yourself and others) about how you are getting better at making beats.

How long does it take to get better at making beats?

The answer depends on how much time and effort you put into practicing. Understand it is possible that you can spend a lot of time and effort and still not get better. This is where you need a coach to help you.

A coach can help you improve in areas and concepts you struggle with. The best coaches help you get better at learning new things effectively. When you learn how to learn effectively and efficiently, you can get better at almost anything faster.

Practice, Practice, Practice to Get Better at Making Beats

You have to put in the time and effort to build your skills as a beat maker. Remember, you are a musician. Like all musicians, you must spend time in practice, developing your musical "chops".

In this overview video, I share several tips to help you become better at beat making, including:

- Time as Your Most Precious Resource
- Your Beat Making Process
- Quality Sound Selction
- Importance of Knowing How To Mix
- The "Change-up" Importance of Flexibility
- Equipment
- The Remake - Remake beats you love
- The Piano Freestyle - Using piano improvisation to build your skills


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RE: The Upper Room... Great music! Stay with Lord.

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Good stuff brotha.keep banging for Jesus. I liked the beats,seems like U been doing this for a while. Keep it up. God Bless

Adolfo - USA

Man...All I can say is WOW!!! I can't believe what you have here! I am deeply moved by what you create and thank you so much for sharing! Awesome!

Kamikahze - na

Where are you located? Also what would it take for you to produce some tracks for an urban hip hop gospel album?

Eddie Konczal - na

Beautiful version of "Mary Did You Know" - great job!
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