Check Out My Video Series Showing The Making Of My Song Even Still

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Check Out My Video Series Showing The Making Of My Song Even Still

Watch as I show how I make music with Reason in this video series - The Making of Even Still.

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

image for Check Out My Video Series Showing  The Making Of My Song Even Still
Image for Check Out My Video Series Showing The Making Of My Song Even Still

Hey fam! Thanks for stopping by and checking me out!

Here is another video series with me actually talking. I'm breaking down a song that I made, explaining details about what the song is, how I made it and why I made it. The original recording was one long video, but I chopped it up into five parts.

I had just finished mowing my lawn before doing this recording. So, I was ready to sneeze a lot while recording. Mowing the lawn seems to be a thing that I get inspiration from because I tend to go right into making music.

I call this a Reason tutorial video series, because I walk you through and explain some of my music productrion tips and techniques for making music with (Propellerhead) Reason.But it is more of a behind-the-scenes look into the music I make. This is a "beat breakdeown" and walk-through of the making of my original, organic (no samples) song, "Even Still" from the Moody Grooves album.

Oh yeah!

I recorded this video (series) in my home studio/office in Edmond, Oklahoma. My wife was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base at the time.

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What is Reason?

Reason (Propellerhead Reason, now Reason Studios Reason) is a cpmputer software application that allows people to make music using a computer. It is also known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

The computer has all of the instrument sounds and there are many different ways I can "generate" or "Play" sounds from the computer and arrange the sounds into beats and songs. As a musicician, my computer is my instrument. Actually, the computer is all of my instruments, because I play many different instruments sounds. as you will see in the videos.

Making Music with Reason 

Making moody instrumental music using Propellerhead Reason has been a favorite of mine since I started with the first version back in 2000. Now, I have more than 20 albums (collections) of my music covering various genres and styles.

Watch how I make an instrumental in this video tutorial series The Making of Even Still. My Propellerhead Reason Tutorial Videos will help you Learn How To Create Instrumental Music while walking you through the techniques and tips I use.

The Making Of "Even Still"

Even Still is original, moody instrimental music I created in Propellerhead Reason.

This is  "The Making Of" video for this song. I am actually making/creating/building/composing the song while doing this video recording.

It is challenging for me to do these types of videos because I have to continually switch between composing and explaining what I'm doing. Nonetheless, I think the video and the song came out pretty good. Always room for improvement, but not bad.

Check out the series and let me know what you think. Leave me some coments!

Grace and Peace!


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Stephen Moody - na

heh man... I finally put a few tracks up. check em out and let me know! by the way... how have things been going on your end? The Soul on Fire cuts are hot man!

Kamikahze - na

Where are you located? Also what would it take for you to produce some tracks for an urban hip hop gospel album?

Dj Sergio - Poland

Oh men!! Your Exodus is a really good track!! great beat.......piano.... fantastic.......tell me where you will be have more tracks on your site...

Reggie Graham - na

RE: The Upper Room... Great music! Stay with Lord.

weiss1377 - na

i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?
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