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Listen To Moody Mental Music

I take pride in doing my best to offer my music and videos as many places as possible with curated playlists and recommendations. Find the platform that works for you.

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I do my best to make my videos and music available on as many platforms and services as possible. In order to give you the best experience while listening to TaurusBeats music, I have created several playlists that I update frequently on the biggest music services:

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicSoundcloud

In addition to the quick links above, TaurusBeats music can be listened to on all almost every other online music service. I have tried to include as many services as possible at the link below. Please note that the services shown at the link below change depending on which country you're in.

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Download my music

Although our world is moving more and more towards streaming instead of purchasing music, I will always offer my music for purchase as well. Find your favorite service by clicking on any of the quick links below.

TaurusBeats iTunes Google Play Bandcamp My music on other services

Watch nature videos with my music

You can also experience my music with beautiful nature videos. Here are the most popular services where my videos are available:

YouTube Facebook Watch Instagram

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What People Are Saying

James silverthorn - na

Peace and blessings to you brother you are an inspiration to us all!

weiss1377 - na

i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?

Terrance Bailey - usa

Man i Had to Hit up the web site im loving these tracks u r the Gospel dr. dre! I want when im gone beat i was caught in a zone when i heard it. Hit me back!

Shawna East - USA

I have listened to the music that God has inspired you to produce and I just wanted to tell you that you are a blessing!! You are truly anointed and walking in your purpose. Never give up on this!!!! Much love to you and Sissie (and my litlle niece/nephew)

Stephen Moody - na

heh man... I finally put a few tracks up. check em out and let me know! by the way... how have things been going on your end? The Soul on Fire cuts are hot man!
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