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Making Melodies In Reason With Piano Improvisation

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Building Melodies (Part 3 of 7)

In this Reason music making tutorial video, TaurusBeats (Taurus M. James) is showing how to "build" melodies using his piano freestyle technique (piano improvisation, playing by ear) and a minimalist approach to making music in Reason.

In Part 3:

- Minimalist Music Making approach
- Using recorded Bass line to develop piano parts
- Piano Freestyle Technique (piano improvisation, play by ear)
- Live Recording Technique (play various piano solo melodies as if playing in live band)
- Start big projects with small pieces

Time: 5:23

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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is original, Ska-type, focused, upbeat, moody, background, incidental, intermission, televison theme music  (123 bpm 5:02) by Taurus M. James.

Posted in Emurgency (2004)