Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier

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Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier

Original, brooding, tough, moody, Hip-Hop beat, incidental, intermission music 96 bpm 1:40

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Original, brooding, tough, moody, Hip-Hop beat, incidental, intermission music  96 bpm 1:40

image for Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier
Image for Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

Tags: Soul On Fire, Pavane, Cinematic Sounds, Taurus James, Ghetto Soldier, hip-hop

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

The Story

Pavane - pa·vane - noun - a stately dance in slow duple time, popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and performed in elaborate clothing; a piece of music for the pavane.

Ghetto soldiers are often despised and overlooked, but there is a depth  and richness to each soldier's story. 

I never knew what a pavane was until I heard "Paparazzi" by Xzibit, almost 22 years ago. Xzibit's vocals grabbed my attention, but it was the sample that started out the song before the beat dropped, that caused me to turn and pay close attention to everything in the song.

The sample was Pavane by Faure, with the eerie, haunting female operatic vocal and the orchestral string section looping in the forefront of the beat

That's when I wanted to make orchestrated Hip-Hop, cinematic beats, moody instrumental music.

Genre: Soundtrack
From the "Soul On Fire" collection.


original, instrumental, orchestrated Hip-Hop, cinematic beat, life story music, incidental music, intermission music

MUSIC Use Suggestions



96 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)

MUSIC Themes

death march, ghetto dance (think "crip walk")


abstract, repetitive, mechanical, dramatic, angry, dark, eerie, mean, tough, mysterious, ominous, strange, weird, uneasy, disappointed, aggressive, driving, sad, strong, bold, confident, determined


drums, bass, bassoon, piano, guitar

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