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Piano Freestyle Beat Video - Not By Sight

Topics: piano freestyle not by sight vision #disabilitytothisability #notbysight

image for Piano Freestyle Beat Video - Not By Sight
Image for Piano Freestyle Beat Video - Not By Sight – TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

This video has parts of the recording session for my song Not By Sight, from the VISION album.

Not By Sight is a a dramatic, cinematic song I made to express my experiences walking by faith and not by sight.

In the video, I capture the Piano Freestyle verses as thespontaneously come to me.

The Not By Sight Beat Making Video is coming soon.

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image for Almost Touched

Almost Touched

"Almost Touched" original piano beat - Moody instruMental Music by Taurus M. James 

Almost Touched is an experimental piano beat for a television theme

This is another original piano beat,

Made for Dreamer Moody instruMental Music Collection

Dreamer | Piano Beat | Moody instruMental Music

This is the end result of a track that I was building for a YouTube video. I started out with some very BASIC notes and gradually built the track from there. This is the final arrangement that I call "Almost Touched" because of a feeling that I get that when I listen to this track. I think about having "Almost Touched" my full potential and how it keeps me motivated to work harder to get a little "Closer".

Posted in Dreamer (2009)