These Days | Westward (2011)

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These Days

Laid-back, content, feel-good, smooth instrumental groove 96 bpm

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Laid-back, content, feel-good, smooth instrumental groove 96 bpm

image for These Days
Image for These Days –

Photo by Matt Atherton on Unsplash

The Story Behind These Days




original, instrumental, smooth groove

MUSIC Use Suggestions

study, lounge, background, commercial, advertisement, ads, lift


96 bpm (Medium 81bpm - 110bpm)


Positive, optimistic, satisfied, contented, upbeat, relaxed, laid back, lazy, peaceful, calm, romantic, sensual 


horn section, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, strings, cello,violin, upright bass, string section, synth, synthisizer, voca



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Keywords: These Days, Laid-back, content, feel-good, smooth instrumental groove 96 bpm

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What People Are Saying

Asha' J - USA

Keep in Christ bruh!! I love the music!!! You are the best!!!! You know how we do!!

Jonathan Ustin - na

Completely answered my question. Great demonstration of your work process. Really tight beat too. Thanks much.?

Randy Lovett - na

Hey James, my name is Randy Lovett I first stumbled across your instrumentals late 2007 while working in Ohio. I just recently recieved an email for moody music and couldnt believe you were there. I couldnt remimber your name to get to your sight. i had been wanting to hear those instumentals all this time. Your tracks are very inspirational. Your are very talented. What are your greatest accomoplisments from your talent? Who have you been able to meet and work with? Hope to hear back soon, Peace...Randy

Lord Toranaga - na

you make great videos. excellent production quality!

Trill Notez - na

I like what you are doing bro.......God Bless God Bless
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