Why Do You Give Away Music And Information For Free?

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Why Do You Give Away Music And Information For Free?

Taurus answers why he gives away music and information for free.

by TaurusBeats (Taurus James)

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Question from a subscriber:

I can't believe your sounds are totally for free? I'm a German man and a beginner in the music scene, and my english is not so good but please tell me where is your trick? Nobody on this crazy World give anything for low!

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First, THANK YOU for giving me some of your time!

I make music to heal. I make music to be heard. As I freely receive, I freely give. I do not have a trick.

While I do not always ask for money for the music I release, I accept and appreciate the various forms of support people worldwide give me.

For example, you gave me some of your time when you wrote me your message. You also gave me some of your time when you listened to my music. What you gave to me is EXTREMELY VALUABLE to me. The TIME you gave me in these two ways, you can never get back! You spent precious moments from your limited time bank and GAVE me some. This means the world to me! 

Think about it.

You are a German man, starting your music journey. You were looking for something and you found the music I make. More accurately, you found the music that I get to hold for a time. 

I am an African American man on a music journey of my own. I am learning everyday and sharing what i find as I go. I give the music and information because I am convinced that the music and info will help and heal others as it has done so for me.

I agree, this world can really be "crazy" at times. Please remember that I am a fellow journeyman in life and music, trying to navigate it the best way and Help Other People Everyday.

Your effort in reaching out to message me has encouraged me greatly. This music reached you. You reached out to me - FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBE!

So, again, Thank You. 

Take care.

Grace and Peace!

- Taurus

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What People Are Saying

Mthalic Banks - na

Hi Mr Taurus,i your tutorials have been helpful i would love to rap on your beats,you inspire me a lot,God bless you

gospa rap theme records - na

hey wazup..love the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions

Chris Stewart - USA

I'm a upcoming rapper from fayetteville and I would like to work with you.

andrew silway - India

Thank you so much for the music. They are great!

Shawna East - USA

I have listened to the music that God has inspired you to produce and I just wanted to tell you that you are a blessing!! You are truly anointed and walking in your purpose. Never give up on this!!!! Much love to you and Sissie (and my litlle niece/nephew)
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