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image for Do You Make BEATS?

Do You Make BEATS?

TaurusBeats make beats and moody instrumental music. Here are answers to some common questions.
image for Do You Use Voice-Overs?

Do You Use Voice-Overs?

My approach to using voice-over tags for my moody instrumental music.
image for What Are Cinematic Sounds?

What Are Cinematic Sounds?

Cinematic Sounds is another name for the Intellectual, moody Instrumental Music I create as TaurusBeats.
image for Where else can I find your music?

Where else can I find your music?

Here is a list of other places where you can find my music.
image for Why do you call your music Cinematic Sounds?

Why do you call your music Cinematic Sounds?

A look at why I call my moody instrumental music Cinematic Sounds.
image for How Can I Buy Your Music?

How Can I Buy Your Music?

Here are some ways you can buy my music.
image for Is Copyright Protection Automatic?

Is Copyright Protection Automatic?

A look at whether Copyright Protection is automatic.
image for What is Copyright?

What is Copyright?

A look at Copyright and what it means for you and your music (and other people's music, too).
image for Composing: Getting Started

Composing: Getting Started

Getting Started Composing Music frequent questions and answers.
image for What is a Composer?

What is a Composer?

A helpful definition and description of what a composer is in relation to a music producer and beat maker.


Questions on making music and answers to questions about how to make beats.

What People Are Saying

Calvin Daniels - USA

Great, uplifting song to start my Monday morning! Keep at it, and I'd like to hear some more!

gospa rap theme records - na

hey wazup..love the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions

teeblack06 - na

i love your beats. they always got that feeling in them like you trying to tell a story.

Ricon Carter - USA

What's good fam ? Yo I replied about that track earlier "When Im Gone". Man I need that joint super bad. I kept listening to it over and over and I already got a song wrote for it. Its about my grandmother that died while I was holding her hand and how I was rebellious but she continued to pray for me and I didn't give my life to Christ until after she passed. Man its mad emotional I was crying while I wrote it. Please get back at me fam. Grace and Peace - Ricon

Andy D - UK

Taurus - ur stuff is the *ting* man i'm tellin ya. I also learned that your a drummer - me to! When I was a kid I used to play around with the piano/keyboard in the 80's/90's (26yr old now). But I can't read music - I play by ear, just like you. You hit the pads & keys, (i gotta mpd32 to!;) in the same manner as me - it flows. I reckon we can play steel drums - even tho we never have! or maybe you have - i don't know! I'm luvin your youtube flix - keep em comin dood. Peace bruv Andy D, birmingham UK.
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