Sample Flip Beat Tutorial: Chocolate Sun

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Sample Flip Beat Tutorial: Chocolate Sun

Videos: 5

Time: About 94 minutes

Video tutorial series showing in detail how to "chop samples" (create sample slices) using different software programs in order to use them in Propellerhead's Reason software. These videos also show how to "flip" samples (re-arrange sample segments) using Reason's NN-XT advanced sampler device and the M-Audio Oxygen25 USB keyboard controller.

This video series is about: sample chop, sample flip, flip a sample, chop a sample, sampling, music sampling, Sample Chopping, Sony Soundforge, Propellerhead, ReCycle, sample Flipping, Propellerheads, Reason, software Akai, MPD32, Pad controller


Sample Flip Beat Tutorial: Chocolate Sun



What People Are Saying

Edward Samuel - India
This site has good instrumental music
Sam Almo - na
Just subscribed after stumbling on your layering with samples video, really appreciate how you explain everything. Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!
Zulu Kain (ZK) - na
Word up Man of God, Your flow is hot man, I listened to the sample of ya "To All the Soldiers" Track and I felt ya immediately. Aye Imma hit you up for a colab sometime, but until then. Keep reppin Christ, and live life to change lives. Peace, ZK
David S Mohn - na
Thanks for listening to my music. I just listened to your 2 tracks. They are great.
Eddie Konczal - na
Beautiful version of "Mary Did You Know" - great job!
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