Brokenness Aside

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Brokenness Aside

Grace Crossing Church 0930 Service 2018-02-25

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Brokenness Aside

Grace Crossing Church 0930 Service 2018-02-25

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Brokenness Aside

I recorded the video using my Samsung Galaxy s6 rear camera on full-zoom from the back of the church (on the sound booth). I was surprised at the quality, especially since default settings aree all that were used.

Drummer Notes

I believe that this is the first time I playes drums with this vocal.musician combo. I remember playing the song with Jamie P. and having a lot more swing.

Tempo Notes

I watched the video and used tap tempo on my pc (website) to observer the tempo changes in the song.

This song starts with Nate and Tiffany - Nate starts the tempo on guitar. I lock n on Nate's tempo (no metronome/click track).

62 verse 1 (hi-hat)
62 chorus (hi-hat)
62 verse2 - (hi-hat)
63 instrumental (rim shot/snare --->light)
64 chorus (light chorus)
65 DROP OUT - (hi-hat ---> BUILD UP!)
68 Chorus --- >END - (speead increased in the build up)

I really have to watch out for my tempo increase in the "build-up" section. I could see in the video how I rushed coming out of the build up and into the final choruses.



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