Flo (Piano Freestyle)

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Flo (Piano Freestyle)

Original, Piano, Moody Instrumental, Smooth Jazz (no beat) 97 bpm 5:34

Flo (Piano Freestyle)

Original, Piano, Moody Instrumental, Smooth Jazz (no beat) 97 bpm 5:34

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Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash

The Story Behind "Flo (piano)"

Flo is the track that started this whole collection. I came up with the idea of making a collection with the same beat (structure) after creating this track. I wanted to see if I could develop a collection that canges moods while keeping the same pace. So much of what I make here on TaurusBeats.com has such a heavy emphasis on the BEATS, I wanted to make the actual beats less important. The challenge is to make each song interesting enough on its own to keep the collection as a whole from being boring.

Original Piano Moody Instrumental Music, Smooth Jazz by Taurus M. James 

Song Facts

"Flo" (Piano Freestyle)
Artist: Taurus M. James
Album: moody Grooves
Released: 2014
Writer: Taurus M. James
Label: ITNOJ
Producer:Taurus M. James
Made using Propellerhead Reason with Yamaha DJX as a MIDI controller

Piano Improvisation

I recorded this version as a "piano freestyle" (piano improvisation), unrehearsed and unedited.

This is a method that I use to teach myself how to play piano. I play by ear and I am able to construct basic chords, but I am not able to play chords and melodies at the same time...yet.

The piano freestyle forces me to come up with "melodic sentences" on-the-fly. I find that I am not thinking so much about what note to play on the keyboard. Instead, I'm thinking music "phrases" or riffs comprised of many notes. I can't fully explain how this works, but I think it's like talking. i don't think about the individual letters that make up the words i say, I think about the sentences and just say the words.

I am surprised by what I come up with using this piano freestyle method. The more I use this method, the longer the "melodic sentences" become and the fewer mistakes i make. This version of "Flo" has the unedited piano freestyle.

Mental Health Check

Making  music is not about perfection. It's about getting better.

Through my moody instrumental music, I notice that as easily as I change moods in a a song, I tend to change moods in other areas of my life. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just happens. problem is, i don't know why I change moods so quickly and so often.

Depression is an issue, but it doesn't explain any of my why questions.i know that I am fine when I am making music and listening to music. I'm calm,level, straight.

So, with every song and every time I improvise on piano (no matter how it sounds), I look at it as I am getting better. I am aware of what is happening and one day I will find out whay and what I can do to make things better.

Keywords: Flo (reprise), Moody Grooves, moody instrumental music

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Original Piano Groove, Smooth Jazz, Moody Instrumental Music by TaurusBeats



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B. - germany
you are really talented greetz from germany
weiss1377 - na
i liked the video very much. The sample, the beat (SO GOOD...) and the tutorial.?
jeystonemusic - na
nice beats
jjcue3 - na
Hey TaurusBeats just letting ya know you are inspirational man. You say your a drummer and not a pianist..........damn dude, you rock dem keys pretty gooooooood! All the best to you man and I gonna keep on listening!
gospa rap theme records - na
hey wazup..love the banging beats man..even the remix to lean back, and the song how we do it...keep it up for god god bless...peace G.R.T productions
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