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1.00Closer Walk
1.00Shine Forever
1.00A New Day
1.00In Love With A Dreamer
1.00The Changing
0.58Daily Schedule for Month 01 January
Soulful Fusion and Surprise Drops
0.57Daily Schedule for Month 03 March
Soulful Fusion Vocal Collaborations & Bonus Tracks
0.57The Ride
Genreless Improvisation and Soulful Fusion
0.57Daily Schedule for Month 09 September
Polished Soulful Electronics & Vinyl Dreams
0.50Je Suis Amour
0.50ITNOJ (Upper Room)
0.50ITNOJ: The Suffering
0.50New Life
0.50Grace To You
0.50New Love
0.262023 Bandcamp Release Schedule for the Year
12-Month Bandcamp Release Schedule
0.25What type of music are you looking for?
0.25Daily Schedule for Month 07 July
Ambient Soul Dreams & Genre-Bending Beats
0.16Daily Schedule for Month 08 August
Drum & Bass Fusion & Subscriber Love
0.16Daily Schedule for Month 05 May
Funky Breaks & Collaborative Grooves
0.13TaurusBeats Music
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.08Daily Schedule for Month 02 February
Jazzy Trap & Livestream Session
0.082023 Bandcamp Release Plan
Bandcamp Release Plan for TaurusBeats: Daily Blended Genre Magic