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1.00The Changing
1.00In Love With A Dreamer
1.00A New Day
1.00Shine Forever
1.00Closer Walk
0.58Daily Schedule for Month 01 January
Soulful Fusion and Surprise Drops
0.57The Ride
Genreless Improvisation and Soulful Fusion
0.57Daily Schedule for Month 03 March
Soulful Fusion Vocal Collaborations & Bonus Tracks
0.57Daily Schedule for Month 09 September
Polished Soulful Electronics & Vinyl Dreams
0.50New Love
0.50Grace To You
0.50New Life
0.50ITNOJ: The Suffering
0.50ITNOJ (Upper Room)
0.50Je Suis Amour
0.262023 Bandcamp Release Schedule for the Year
12-Month Bandcamp Release Schedule
0.25Daily Schedule for Month 07 July
Ambient Soul Dreams & Genre-Bending Beats
0.25What type of music are you looking for?
0.16Daily Schedule for Month 08 August
Drum & Bass Fusion & Subscriber Love
0.16Daily Schedule for Month 05 May
Funky Breaks & Collaborative Grooves
0.08Daily Schedule for Month 02 February
Jazzy Trap & Livestream Session
0.082023 Bandcamp Release Plan
Bandcamp Release Plan for TaurusBeats: Daily Blended Genre Magic
0.04TaurusBeats Music [LAST]
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James