Just Because (2020)

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Remind MeSmooth Jazz, Chill, Piano Instrumental Groove, background music for work or lounge.Tempo: 90 Duration: 5:09
song image
Walk With Me112 - 085 - Walk With MeTempo: 85 Duration: 5:09
song image
Burn It102 - 110 - Burn ItTempo: 110 Duration: 5:09
song image
Never Alone113 - 085 - Never AloneTempo: 85 Duration: 5:16
song image
Carroll114 - 135 - CARROLLTempo: 135 Duration: 5:16
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Checkout Girl109 - 150/2 - Checkout GirlTempo: 150 Duration: 5:16
song image
Happy Dance (Keys)105 - 118 - Happy Dance (Keys)Tempo: 118 Duration: 5:16
song image
Love You Goodnight107 - 092 - Love You, Goodnight!Tempo: 92 Duration: 5:16
song image
Moving On 2020110 - 097 - Moving On 2020 (MO2020)Tempo: 97 Duration: 5:16
song image
No Liability108 - 140/2 - No Liability (Lie-Ability) (Piano)Tempo: 150 Duration: 5:16
song image
When I Pray111 - 097 - When I Pray (version 2)Tempo: 97 Duration: 5:16

Just Because (2020)

Just Because is a mix of Music I Love To Create. Mood Music, Heartfelt Journey Music, Life Story Music, Trap Beats, Moody Jazz, Piano Music, Dance Music, Pop and other Smooth Sounds.

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Thank You

Thanks to every music producer, musician and artist who has inspired, influenced and impacted me and positively contributed to my music journey.

Special Thanks to my family, friends and supporters. You are appreciated. Grace and Peace!


Released 2020

All songs produced by Taurus M. James. All Rights Reserved.

Original, Moody Instrumental Music.

This music is for Personal Use entertainment purposes only.

Purchasing this project DOES NOT give you permission to use the songs for any other purpose.

If you are interested in music production for your project, purchase a "Project Use" license.

Please contact Taurus to customize any song for your specific project needs.

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image for Remind Me Again
Remind Me Again
Located under: Just Because (2020) Smooth Jazz, Chill, Piano Instrumental Groove, background music for work or lounge.
image for Walk With Me
Walk With Me
Located under: Just Because (2020) 112 - 085 - Walk With Me
image for Burn It
Burn It
Located under: Just Because (2020) 102 - 110 - Burn It
image for Never Alone
Never Alone
Located under: Just Because (2020) 113 - 085 - Never Alone
image for Carroll
Located under: Just Because (2020) 114 - 135 - CARROLL
image for Checkout Girl
Checkout Girl
Located under: Just Because (2020) 109 - 150/2 - Checkout Girl
image for Happy Dance (Keys)
Happy Dance (Keys)
Located under: Just Because (2020) 105 - 118 - Happy Dance (Keys)
image for Love You Goodnight
Love You Goodnight
Located under: Just Because (2020) 107 - 092 - Love You, Goodnight!
image for Moving On 2020 (MO2020)
Moving On 2020 (MO2020)
Located under: Just Because (2020) 110 - 097 - Moving On 2020 (MO2020)
image for No Liability
No Liability
Located under: Just Because (2020) 108 - 140/2 - No Liability (Lie-Ability) (Piano)
image for When I Pray (version 2)
When I Pray (version 2)
Located under: Just Because (2020) 111 - 097 - When I Pray (version 2)


Why I Make Music

I created this music to Inspire, Influence and Impact all who have ears to hear.

Just Because: Music I Love To Create


Mood Music Created In Reason 

All moody instrumental music for this collection was created using Reason Studios Reason 10 and a Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard as the controller for the software.

While I use many differeent music software programs for music production, I find Reason the easiest to use because of the workflow that I developed over the past decade. Reason allows me to make more music in less time.

Image Credits

Cover art by leilacr8tive.



What People Are Saying

jeystonemusic - na

nice beats

paxilz - USA

great music!!!!!!

teeblack06 - na

i love your beats. they always got that feeling in them like you trying to tell a story.

Stephen Moody - na

heh man... I finally put a few tracks up. check em out and let me know! by the way... how have things been going on your end? The Soul on Fire cuts are hot man!

Reggie Graham - na

RE: The Upper Room... Great music! Stay with Lord.
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