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Piano Freestyle

song image
Almost Good Without You
RnB Soul, sad, chill | Key: minor | 75 BPM | 3:05
song image
Slow, Dark, Sci-Fi, performance | Key: ?? | 70bpm | 3:31
song image
Then And Now
Chill, sentimental, Piano performance | Key: G | 80 BPM | 3:23
song image
Choriste (v2)
Cinematic, sample-flip, piano | Key: Esm | 91 bpm | 5:21
song image
All I AM (Human)
SynthJazz, Piano | Key: GsM | 101 BPM | 5:28

Piano Freestyle (Improvisation) Music

Piano Freestyle (Improvisation) music is Jazz. The term "freestyle" is used to describe how the music is actually created - improvised, unrehearsed, spontaneous, unwritten.

The piano freestyles here at TaurusBeats pay homage to the freestyle rap cyphers of early Hip-Hop culture. The best freestyle rappers were known for their ability to perform lengthy, improvised rhyme verses "off the top" of theirs heads, incorporating elements of the exact moment they were in. Back then, "Freestyle" meant unwritten, unrehearsed and completely off the top of the head. Each freestyle performance was unique and special because it was created in a moment of time and the experience in that moment could not be recreated.

My piano freestyles are completely off the top of my head, unrehearsed, unwritten, spontaneous. Another fact that make each of my piano freestyles special is that I have no formal piano training and VERY limited piano skill and technique. However, in an inspired moment, I am able to freestyle complete music arrangements without mistakes.

The piano freestyles here at TaurusBeats are the few that I was able to capture in sound recordings. Hundreds were never recorded.