Love Avalanche

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Love Avalanche

Inspirational Sample Flip Beat by TaurusBeats ft. Avalanche by Hillsong United

Love Avalanche

This inspirational sample flip beat features Hillsong United's Avalanch.

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Image for Love Avalanche –

Watch How I Make This Beat

Make Beats with Reason: Making the Sample Flip Beat "Love Avalanche" (Part 1 of 2)

I get inspiration for my Moody instruMental Music from many places. Sometimes, the most basic thing triggers the creativity in me. This video series shows an example.

This time, I was inspired after listening to one of my favorite songs by Hillsong United. I then set out to make another Moody instruMental Music creation. This is one of my "sample flip" beats. In this video, I show a little about how I take samples from an existing song and then rearrange ("flip") the samples into different patterns before "wrapping" the flipped sample patterns with various instrumentation I perform.

Make Beats with Reason: Making the Sample Flip Beat "Love Avalanche" (Part 2 of 2)

This is the finished "Love Avalanche" sample flip beat. I decided to add this to my "Messiah" Moody instruMental Music collection.

This is one of my Moody instruMental Music creations (sample flip beat) done using Propellerhead's Reason 6.5 music software, the Yamaha DJX MIDI keyboard as a keyboard controller.

Grace and Peace!

"Love Avalanche"
Moody instruMental Music
from the "Messiah" collection

Sample from:
Hillsong United

Song Facts

"love Avalanche" 
Artist: Taurus M. James
Album: moody Grooves
Released: 2014
Writer: Taurus M. James
Label: ITNOJ
Producer:Taurus M. James
Made using Propellerhead Reason with Yamaha DJX as a MIDI controller

Sample Facts

Artist: Hillsong United

Sample Flip

"Sample Flipping" is another way of saying sampling. in this case, the "flipping" is the actual rearranding of tiny "slices" of a sampled segment of the original music piece. New sounds and musical phrases are created by rearranging the sample slices (or "chops") into patterns, which are then arranged with original instrumentation to form a new musical piece.

I make "sample flip beats" as a way to educate and demonstrate the incredible amount of skill required. I make videos explaining how these same skills are sought after by large companies all over the world.

This is a method that I use to teach life skills including, listening, focus, planning, time management, resource management, lifecycle management and other skills in demand. My aim is to help aspiring music producers and artists see that they have a wealth of skills, despite the often negative point of view they encounter about the craft of beat making and sampling, more specifically.

Another reason I make sample flip beats is because the process is fun. It's nothing like making a beat using one of my favorite songs in such a way that is completely different than the original.To increase my creativity, I go back and interpolate the sample flips to create a completely new, organic (no samples) music piece.

Interpolating the sample flip paterns, requires that I listen to and thenplay the musical pieces I hear in the sample flips, using instruments that closely match the sounds I hear. When finished, I remove the samples from the track, leaving my original instrumentation.


Important Notice:

IMPORTANT: This song contains a sample. If you purchase a license to use this song, you are responsible for clearing the sample for use in your project. Contact me if you want to license a version of this song without the sample.

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What People Are Saying

Gerald Dunton (bxinmd) - US
Good stuff brotha.keep banging for Jesus. I liked the beats,seems like U been doing this for a while. Keep it up. God Bless
Paul Scott - USA
wow i like your site. i'm really impressed at all your music and ability.
paxilz - USA
great music!!!!!!
murdamanmizzo3 - na
Bruh u cold on dem beats!
teeblack06 - na
i love your beats. they always got that feeling in them like you trying to tell a story.
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