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Music Producer Mental Health

As a music producer, mental health is vital to your ability to navigate your music journey.

Stress is common and everyone needs to know how to identify and navigate it. Making beats, producing music and creating, in general, has stress involved due to perfectionism.

I share what I have learned in my music journey with music producers, beat makers and musicians, right here, on this website. Contact me if you need help, have questions.

Mental Health Music

Where I Started

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Mental Health Music is the music I create and it is the process I use to Heal and Help others "Transition into Healthy Mental Freedom."*

Where I Am

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Music is the "vehicle" of mental health transition. I "get into" music and the music I create "transports" me to healthy mental freedom.

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month. Check out the resources that I pulled together for you here.

As music producers, beat makers, music creators, we all face life challenges that can impact mental health. Studies show that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.

Taking care of yourself as a music creator means being intentional about the care of your mental health as a way of life. Making and producing music can be a way to help you stay mentally healthy.

When you need more help, check out these valuable resources.

Moody Mental Music

Using Moody Instrumental Music to Heal and Help others Transition into Healthy Mental Freedom.*

Music is Instrumental in allowing us to express our deepest emotions and thoughts in ways to help us heal from the pains we experience in the Life Journey.

My Moody Mental Music is how I keep moving in freedom from mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Staying mentally healthy is more than a "cause" for me, it is my lifestyle. Making Music is a big part of how I stay mentally healthy and Help Other Producers Elevate.

song image
Ancient Moon Ancient Moon Tempo: 140 Duration: 5:09
song image
Dashing Moon Dashing Moon Tempo: 92 Duration: 5:09
song image
Funk Moon Funk Moon Tempo: 97 Duration: 5:09
song image
Grooving Moon Grooving Moon Tempo: 97 Duration: 5:09
song image
Hazy Moon Hazy Moon Tempo: 89 Duration: 5:09
song image
Missing Moon Missing Moon Tempo: 96 Duration: 5:09
song image
Neo Moon Neo Moon Tempo: 98 Duration: 5:09
song image
Waning Moon Waning Moon Tempo: 94 Duration: 5:09

Moody Instrumental Music Illustrations of Transitions into Healthy Mental Freedom.*

(* Thanks B.A. Mac!)

Mood Music

Message: "Live Through The Loss"

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Loss and Grief are part of the Life Journey we all experience in different ways. I am not a mental health expert, but I am willing to share with you what I have learned about living through loss.

Making Moody Instrumental Music has been a vital part of my life journey and overcoming the loss and grief I encountered.

My passion for helping people extends beyond beat making and music production. I love to help people BE BETTER and achieve success in life.

LIVE THROUGH THE LOSS is the transformational message I received and I am passing it on.

Contact me if you need help, have questions.

Remember, I am a musician. So, I am pretty good at listening.

How I Live Through The Loss

I make music for mental health. The musical compositions are expressions of my thoughts and emotions as I "Live through the Loss" (#LiveThroughTheLoss) of my eyesight and other life challenges.

Contact me

Get Help

If you are in crisis, please call the 24/7 hotline: 1-800-273-(TALK) 8255 OR text 741741 (24/7 crisis text line)

More Help

Help Other Producers Elevate

As a music producer, I am very busy, but never too busy to Help Other Producers Elevate.

I take time to listen. I move to inspire.My aim is HOPE.

Help Elevate All Levels

I use my Moody Instrumental Music to HEAL my own mental health issues (depression and anxiety).

I also use what I learn to help others heal.



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