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Live Through The Loss

TaurusBeats aka Taurus M, James

Loss and Grief are part of the Life Journey we all experience in different ways. I am not a mental health expert, but I am willing to share with you what I have learned about living through loss.

Making Moody Instrumental Music has been a vital part of my life journey and overcoming the loss and grief I encountered.

My passion for helping people extends beyond beat making and music production. I love to help people BE BETTER and achieve success in life.

Contact me if you need help, have questions, or just to say hello.

Moody Mental Music

Using Moody Instrumental Music to Heal and Help others Transition into Healthy Mental Freedom.

Music is Instrumental in allowing us to Express our Deepest Emotions and Thoughts in ways to help us Heal from the pains we experience in the Life Journey.

song image
Ancient MoonAncient MoonTempo: 140 Duration: 5:09
song image
Dashing MoonDashing MoonTempo: 92 Duration: 5:09
song image
Funk MoonFunk MoonTempo: 97 Duration: 5:09
song image
Grooving MoonGrooving MoonTempo: 97 Duration: 5:09
song image
Hazy MoonHazy MoonTempo: 89 Duration: 5:09
song image
Missing MoonMissing MoonTempo: 96 Duration: 5:09
song image
Neo MoonNeo MoonTempo: 98 Duration: 5:09
song image
Waning MoonWaning MoonTempo: 94 Duration: 5:09


The expression of my thoughts and emotions as I "Live through the Loss" of my eyesight #LiveThroughTheLoss

Moody Instrumental Music Illustrations of Transitions into Healthy Mental Freedom.

Mood Music

Get Help

If you are in crisis, please call the 24/7 hotline: 1-800-273-(TALK) 8255 OR text 741741 (24/7 crisis text line)

More Help

How I Heal

I use my Moody Instrumental Music to help heal my own mental health issues (depression).

Moody Instrumental Music to



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