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1.00Created To Create
1.00Create From Praise Instead of Pain
1.00Great Power Great Responsibility
1.00Great Vision
0.75Daily Schedule for Month 06 June
Jazzy Trap Groove & Creative Explosion
0.50Music The Life Framework
Unleash Your Inner Melody: Using Music as a Life Framework
0.40Books, Articles and Resources for Musicians
0.29Ghetto Child - Sample Flip Beat
0.22Weekly Homework Assignment #205 Against The Clock
0.19Taurus M. James Music Licensing
0.17Daily Schedule for Month 12 December
Best of and Bandcamp Bash
0.17Daily Schedule for Month 11 November
Unchained Improvisation & Fan Remix Fiesta
0.162023 Bandcamp Release Plan
Bandcamp Release Plan for TaurusBeats: Daily Blended Genre Magic
0.16Daily Schedule for Month 01 January
Soulful Fusion and Surprise Drops
0.14Daily Schedule for Month 04 April
Abstract Hip-Hop & Fan-Driven Blends
0.14Daily Schedule for Month 08 August
Drum & Bass Fusion & Subscriber Love
0.13About TaurusBeats 2
0.13Chocolate Sun Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 4
0.11Piano Freestyle Beat Video - Just Play
0.10Images I Use From Unsplash
0.10Daily Schedule for Month 02 February
Jazzy Trap & Livestream Session
0.10Re-Learning Reason Introduction
0.09Audio Consulting Services
0.09Music Mastering Services
0.09Audio Mixing Services
0.082023 Bandcamp Release Schedule for the Year
12-Month Bandcamp Release Schedule
0.06Finally Mixing My Music The Right Way
0.06How To Make Sample Beats Using Reason And Akai MPD
0.05Lesson 21 Make Beats with Reason ReDrum
0.05The Difference Between Beat Making and Music Making
0.05Live Session The Ride 2021
0.05Layering Samples In Reason Sample Flip Beat BETTER
0.05Sample Removal and Piano Freestyle In Reason
0.05Change How You Talk About Your Eyesight Challenges
0.053 Reasons To Buy USB MIDI Controllers
0.05COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.05How to Promote Yourself Online: Article
0.05Daily Schedule for Month 03 March
Soulful Fusion Vocal Collaborations & Bonus Tracks
0.05How To Make a Beat: 4 Things You Need (Beat Tutorial)
0.05Daily Schedule for Month 05 May
Funky Breaks & Collaborative Grooves
0.05Daily Schedule for Month 10 October
Global Grooves & Fan Appreciation Fiesta
0.05COVID-19 Chronicles Session 18
0.05COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.04Beatmaking In Reason
0.04Helpful Music Business Links
0.04What does FLIP A SAMPLE mean?
0.03The Ultimate Guide To Online Beat Licensing (Updated 2021)
0.02What is Sampling in Music?