Moody Instrumental Music

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Moody Instrumental Music

Moody Instrumental Music for content creators, royalty free music for whatever you create, cleared for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Get Moody Instrumental  Music you need for your projects, for one small monthly price! Content creators, get royalty free music for whatever you create - your vlog, travel, summer video, montage, intro - Cleared for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Genre Mood Tempo Use / Movement

Moody Instrumental Music Albums


Moody Instrumental Music

Moody Instrumental Music for Personal Use

Get moody instrumental music for your mooduse and movement - Moody Jazz, Piano Music, Smooth Sounds, Hip-Hop Beats, Inspirational Music, Chill Jazz, Jazz Instrumental Music - from different music genres and tempos. Get Mood Music to relax or exercise. Add to your music playlist Slow Instrumental Music, Ambient, dark and moody, or upbeat, happy music with bounce and energy to make you move.

All moody instrumental music is produced and performed by Taurus James and you can get custom moody instrumental music for your personal enjoyment.

Moody Instrumental Music for Projects

Moody instrumental music for your specific needs: Documentaries, SlideShows, Presentations, DVDs, Mobile Devices, Public Space diffusions, Video Art, Art Installations, WebEpisodes, Playlist, Websites, Film, Radio show, TV show, Video, Games...

Customize Moody Instrumental Music Composition

Content creators, get custom moody instrumental music for your specific needs. Royalty-free music can be quickly customized to any length and rearranged for your specific needs.


Dark Moody Instrumental Music and More

Dark Moody Instrumental Music and More

Are you looking for some good dark moody instrumental or electronic music?

You have found TaurusBeats, a producer/composer, who has some really good moody and "dark" sounding instrumental music and electronic music.

If you are in the mood to hear some depressingly dark and moody instrumental music - something spooky, ethreal, ominous and beautiful - you are in the right place.

TaurusBeats has dark moody instrumental music that crosses and bends genres. Whether it is Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop, Muzak or Film music, you will find beautiful blends of dark moddy music right here.

If you are looking for "moody" music that is not straight-up depressing, but not upbeat or active, you are still in the right place.

TaurusBeats created music that goes for a more pensive and laid-back feel. So, if for some reason youn connect much more directly to music when there are no lyrics, and you prefer music in that dark space, check out dark moody instrumental music by TaurusBeats.

Moody Instrumental Music for Focus, Work and Sleep

TaurusBeats created Moody Instrumental Music collections to help you focus, relax and sleep. The music is moody, reflective and generally sad contemporary instrumentals. All songs are alyrical (no lyrics) - no words, just feels.

Jazz Moody Instrumental Music

Looking for Moody Jazz? TaurusBeats has Instrumental Piano Music, Inspirational Music, Chilled Jazz, Smooth Sounds and other Jazz Instrumental Music.

Moody Instrumental Music to Inspire, Influence, Impact

Moody instrumental music to inspire, influence, impact. This is music that fills the listener with the urge to feel something, or 
stimulate, motivate, persuade, encourage, rouse, move, stir, energize the listener to do something. This is music that touches the feelings of the listener and moves emotionally, having a strong effect.

Moody Instrumental Music to Move The World

Moody Instrumental Music to move the world. Moody music that varies in emotion - happy to sad, calm to frantic. Instrumental music that is not only alyrical (without words), but actively contributes to pursuing the aim of moving the listener.