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1.00Moody Mental Music
0.89Show You My Love (Neo Groove)
Show You My Love (Neo Groove)
0.78Play Back (Soul Speak Session)
Play Back (Soul Speak Session)
0.78Outbursts from My Soul
0.78Soul On Fire CD in Progress!
0.78Soul On Fire
0.78Soul On Fire
0.78Lovers Soul
0.78Soul On Fire MP3 Album DISCOUNT
0.78Soul Bombin'
0.78Mourning Soul
0.78Soul Duality
0.78Soul On Ice
0.78Flip A Sample Beat Session - Soul On Ice
0.78For My Soul
0.78For My Soul Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 5
0.78For My Soul Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 4
0.78For My Soul Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 3
0.78For My Soul Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 2
0.78For My Soul Sample Flip Beat Video Series Part 1
0.67Groove Sample Flip Beat Video - Souled Out
Original, RnB, Soul, Chill, guitar and piano improvisation, moody mental music
0.56Some Kinda Way
0.56Still Adrift
0.56As I Recall
0.56The Park
0.56The Window
0.56The Alley
0.56Tailor Made
0.5620231101_031_20231118_1711 mp3
20231101_031_20231118_1711 mp3
0.5620231101_031_20231117_0809 mp3
20231101_031_20231117_0809 mp3
0.56Already Here
0.56Daily Schedule for Month 07 July
Ambient Soul Dreams & Genre-Bending Beats
0.56Mr. James Brown
0.56Stem Cells
0.56Common Grace
0.56The Changing
0.56Good Night
0.56In Him
0.56Smoothed Out
0.56Look of Love
0.56Like It
0.56Rollin (v2)
0.56Ease The Pain
0.56Silly Me (v2)
0.56Silly Me
0.56The Other Side
0.56World Wide
0.44Happy Tune
0.44The Comeback
0.44Ghetto Reign
0.44Hard To Hold
0.44Next Steps
0.44Rainy Sunday
0.44Not My Will
0.44Roman Curse
0.44Spanish Guitar
0.44Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier
0.44Beautiful Things In Life
0.44Souled Out
0.44All I Do
0.44How To Load Samples Into NN-XT
0.44Eyes On
0.44Contact (short)
0.44Another Kind Of Love
0.44New Music
0.37Daily Schedule for Month 09 September
Polished Soulful Electronics & Vinyl Dreams
0.32Taurian Angels Wanted
0.29TaurusBeats Music [LAST]
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.28Stardust in Swingtime mp3
Stardust in Swingtime mp3
0.28Embrace The Unexpected mp3
Embrace The Unexpected mp3
0.28Body Work
0.28When Day Comes
0.28Night Breeze
0.28The Other Day
0.28True Calm
0.28Hit Cancel
0.28Touch Revive
0.28Strange Times
0.28After Life
0.28Marooned with Amerie
0.28New Life
0.28Grace To You
0.28New Love
0.28Music Categories Explained
0.28Time Space
0.28Beachfront Sanctuary
0.28Uncharted Territory
0.28Come With Me
0.28Thank You
0.28The Hammer
0.28The Sheriff
0.28IT (Isao Tomita)
0.28Away Too Long
0.28Je Suis Amour
0.28Flo (Piano Freestyle)
0.28Like Rain
0.23VISION Album
0.22Strawberry Vapors Strings
0.22Strawberry Vapors Bass
0.22Strawberry Vapors Keys
0.22Do It All Again
0.22How 'Bout
0.22Shine Forever
0.22Mr. Dilla
0.22Young Crush
0.22The Ride
Genreless Improvisation and Soulful Fusion
0.22Slow Hustle
0.22Show You My Love
Show You My Love
0.22TaurusBeats Music
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.18Almost Good Without You
0.18Warm Gaze
0.152023 Bandcamp Release Schedule for the Year
12-Month Bandcamp Release Schedule
0.15New Beats! Bad Bull Beats Collection
0.14Inspirational Music from My Inspiration
0.14Life Not Seen
0.14Flip This Sample Joy Unlimited I Hold No Grudge
0.11What type of music are you looking for?
0.11In Love With A Dreamer
0.11Rock and Roll
0.11My Soundtrack: Music from the Life of...
0.11Reason 10 Piano Freestyle Session 20190504 I Want You Around
0.10A New Day
0.09Flip A Sample Beat Session - Shine Forever
0.09Come Again
0.09Daily Schedule for Month 08 August
Drum & Bass Fusion & Subscriber Love
0.09Daily Schedule for Month 05 May
Funky Breaks & Collaborative Grooves
0.08Playing Music and Mental Health
0.08Hard Hearted
0.08Fury Steps
0.08Beat Makes Meat
0.08Straight No Chaser
0.08Night Moves
0.08Making Music in Reason: Grooving In Reason Tutorial - Cake Part 5
0.08Even Still
0.08The Lounge Album on YouTube Music
0.07Daily Schedule for Month 06 June
Jazzy Trap Groove & Creative Explosion
0.07Music Sample Replay in Reason: Grooving In Reason Tutorial - Cake Part 2
0.07Groove in Reason without ReGroove: Grooving In Reason Tutorial - Cake Part 3
0.07Go With It
0.07New Music! Anything and Dreamer
0.07Step Tight
0.06OLD 1076 Landing page
0.06Moody instruMental Music and Beats by Taurus M. James
0.06On The Surface
0.06This Love
0.06The Cinematic Sounds of Taurus James
0.06HOPE - Helping Other Producers Elevate
0.06TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James is Helping Other People Elevate on the Music Journey_20200912
0.06Commercial 2020
0.05Beats, Music and HOPE
0.05Smooth Friction Nu Jazz Moody Mental Music Recording Session
0.05Buy Beats
Buy Beats Online | Buy Instrumentals
0.05All I Am (Human)
0.04Music Production Tips Mental Motivation Mentoring and Music by Taurus James
0.04Go Go Brown
0.04CD and MP3 Distribution
0.04Hip-Hop and R&B Sample Flip Beats for Independent Artists and Creators
0.04Site Welcome 031505
0.04What Are Cinematic Sounds?
0.04Daily Schedule for Month 04 April
Abstract Hip-Hop & Fan-Driven Blends
0.042023 Bandcamp Release Plan
Bandcamp Release Plan for TaurusBeats: Daily Blended Genre Magic
0.04Daily Schedule for Month 01 January
Soulful Fusion and Surprise Drops
0.04Beachfront Sanctuary (Piano)
Duration: 05:05 BPM: 103 Key: B minor Chill Happy Sexy
0.03Awukhuzeki Way Of Life Remix mp3
0.03Home page
0.03Old Welcome 021005
0.03False Hope
0.03Choriste (v2)
0.03Don't Leave
0.03Moody instruMental Music Unlimited Access
0.03Inspire Influence Impact
0.03Inspiration Motivation and Encouragement for Everyday Life
0.03Buy Beats [OLD]
0.03Inspiration Motivation and Encouragement for Everyday Life [CLONE]
0.03Beat making Tips, Tutorials & Music by Taurus James _OLD
0.03Moody Mental Music
0.03One-on-one Remote Mentorship
0.03Taurus James Moody Instrumental Music Producer Composer Musician