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1.00Music The Life Framework
Unleash Your Inner Melody: Using Music as a Life Framework
0.91REAL Music and REAL Life
0.55Life Is A Journey Music Is The Soundtrack
0.55When Life Happens Music Moves You Through
0.55Meeting You at the Intersection of Music and Life
0.55Beat Cookup Video - Way Of Life
0.55Life Story Music by Taurus M James
0.55Helping Other Producers Elevate In Music And Life
0.55My Soundtrack: Music from the Life of...
0.55New Music: After Life
0.55After Life
0.55Is There Life After Death?
0.55Jesus Christ 4 Life
0.55New Life
0.55Flip A Sample Beat Cookup - New Life
0.55Beautiful Things In Life
0.55New Music! Beautiful Things In Life
0.55Listening Is The Most Important Skill in Sample Flip Beat Making and Life
0.55Life Story
0.55Life Not Seen
0.55Moody Instrumental Music The Soundtrack of My Life
0.55Inspiration Motivation and Encouragement for Everyday Life
0.55Way Of Life
0.55Overcomer - Life Story Music
0.55Not By Sight - Life Story Music
0.55Inspiration Motivation and Encouragement for Everyday Life [CLONE]
0.55Awukhuzeki Way Of Life Remix mp3
0.45Still Holding On
0.45Breathe (ft. Evanescence)
0.45I Am HOPE
0.45Leave A Legacy Through Your Digital Assets
0.45Making A Beat on The Eclipse Album
0.45Sample Flipping Freestyle
0.452 Tim 3 Piano Freestyle Creation Session
0.45Lounge Keyboard Freestyle Creation Session
0.45For Love Creation Session
0.45Sample Flip Beat Creation Session 20190507 Beat 2
0.45Overcomer (piano version)
0.36Do It All Again DUPLICATE
0.36My Pain (piano)
0.36Open Door
0.36My Footsteps
0.36When Right Left
0.36All Is Fair
0.36Be Like Him
0.36Run Wild
0.32Why I Make Moody instruMental Music
0.30The Story Behind Timeline
0.27Home of Moody Instrumental Music and More
0.252023 Bandcamp Release Schedule for the Year
12-Month Bandcamp Release Schedule
0.24Moody Instrumental Music by Taurus James
0.23Strange Times
0.23Born To Die
0.23New Music 2-1-2006
0.23When I'm Gone
0.23Takin It Back
0.23On The Surface
0.23Into Your Eyes
0.23Foreign Lands (v2)
0.21Music Producer Mental Health and How to use Music for Help Hope and Healing
0.19Create From Praise Instead of Pain
0.19VISION Album
0.18Come Again
0.18Do It All Again
0.18The Grind
0.18Mr. Dilla
0.18Goodbye My Love
0.18TaurusBeats Music
TaurusBeats Music by Taurus M. James
0.15One-on-one Remote Mentorship
0.15COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.15COVID-19 Chronicles Session 18
0.15COVID-19 Chronicles Session 19
0.14HOPE - Helping Other Producers Elevate
0.14Music Production Tips Mental Motivation Mentoring and Music by Taurus James
0.12I Want You Around Piano Freestyle
0.12Live Through Te Loss
0.12Beachfront Sanctuary
0.11What is Orchestrated Hip-hop?
0.11Reason 10 Piano Freestyle Session 20190504 I Want You Around
0.10Reason 10 Mixing Session 20191230 Neo Moon
0.10Reason 10 Mixing Session 20191217 Moody Moon
0.10Vision Album on YouTube Music
0.10Beat Making Piano Freestyle Recording Session 20210519 082634
0.10Beat Making Piano Freestyle Recording Session 20210513 123658
0.10Change How You Talk About Your Eyesight Challenges
0.10How To Improve Your Timing on Drums
0.09Cold Suns
0.09Cold Suns (piano version)
0.09Break Beat Creation Session
0.09Sample Flip Beat Creation Session 20190507
0.09Destination You
0.09Beachfront Sanctuary (Piano)
Duration: 05:05 BPM: 103 Key: B minor Chill Happy Sexy
0.09Moody Mental Music
0.09Je Suis Amour (Orchestral)
0.09The Story Behind Not By Sight
0.09Music Journey
0.09Other Suns
0.09Welcome Back
0.09Time Space
0.093 Reasons To Buy USB MIDI Controllers
0.08About TaurusBeats 2
0.08Lost In You Static Music Video
0.08Beat Making Session 20200506
0.08Everywhere I Go Piano Freestyle Moody Mental Music Session
0.08This Mood Piano Freestyle Moody Mental Music Session
0.08The Crawl Moody Mental Music Recording Session
0.08Live Session 20210503 Still Won't Let Me Go
0.08Live Session 20210503 Journey Portal
0.08HOPE - Helping Other People Elevate
0.07Smooth Friction Nu Jazz Moody Mental Music Recording Session
0.07Beat Making Piano Freestyle Recording Session 20210520 172100
0.07Babygirl Chill Groove Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.07Reason Beat Breakdown Video Beachfront Sanctuary The Drums
0.07Funk Moon Moody Mental Music Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.07Reason 10 Recording Session - Caught Up
0.07We See You here in this community- Sawubona
0.07Come With Me
0.07Not By Sight
0.07Down Space
0.07TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 116
0.072 My Friends
0.07Lost Friend
0.07Even Still
0.07Warrior Music: Unheard Melodies from the Book of Acts
0.07Cold Suns (no beat version)
0.07Now I See
0.07Community Home Page
0.06Moody Mental Music To HEAL And HOPE (COUNTER VERSION)
0.06Now I See (piano version)
0.06Reason Production Walk-through Session - Lets Go
0.06TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 101
0.06Join My Inner Circle
0.06Go With It
0.06Daily Schedule for Month 06 June
Jazzy Trap Groove & Creative Explosion
0.062023 Bandcamp Release Plan
Bandcamp Release Plan for TaurusBeats: Daily Blended Genre Magic
0.06Daily Schedule for Month 03 March
Soulful Fusion Vocal Collaborations & Bonus Tracks
0.05Global Footer (20210919)
0.05How Can I Help You?
0.05Share your Review of my CDs
0.05New Music Collection - Unstoppable Love
0.05Page: About Us
0.05Think Of Your Beatmaking Process Steps In The Broader Music Production Context
0.05Global Footer ROLLBACK
0.05Moody Mental Music
0.05Playing Music and Mental Health
0.05TaurusBeats aka Taurus M. James is Helping Other People Elevate on the Music Journey_20200912
0.05True Credibility Moody Mental Music Piano Freestyle Reason Session Video
0.05Beat making Tips, Tutorials & Music by Taurus James _OLD
0.05Inspire Influence Impact
0.05Piano Freestyle Beat Video - Just Play
0.05TaurusBeats aka Taurus James Moody Instrumental Musician
0.05Soul On Ice
0.05What Are Cinematic Sounds?
0.05San Pedro
0.05How To Have Effective Band Rehearsals
0.05How Long Does Copyright Protection Last?
0.05Beat making Tips, Tutorials & Music by Taurus James
0.05Live Session The Ride 2021
0.05Beats, Music and HOPE [CLONE]
0.05Buy Beats
Buy Beats Online | Buy Instrumentals
0.05Beats, Music and HOPE
0.04Make It Over
0.04F1 - Faith
0.04Great Power Great Responsibility
0.03Visually Impaired Music Producer Shows Low Vision Simulation in video Come Again
0.03To All The Soldiers (2010)
0.03Halloween Email
0.03Beginner Beat Making Guide
0.03Interview with Taurus James
0.03Home page
0.03Old Welcome 021005
0.03New! Closer Collection
0.03False Hope
0.03I Remember
0.03Free MP3 Downloads - Signing Bonus
0.03Past Taurian Angels
0.03Who is Kid Kikit?
0.03TaurusBeats Song Of The Day
0.03TaurusBeats Music On CMA Weekly Homework Podcast 124
0.03TaurusBeats Music to Inspire and Encourage Growth
0.03Now I See (no beat music)
0.03These Days
0.02Flo (Piano Freestyle)
0.02Love Avalanche
0.02Making A Melody In Reason - Even Still Part 1
0.02Making A Chord Progression In Reason - Even Still Part 2
0.02Sample Flipping In Reason NN-XT
0.02Making A Bass Line In Reason - Even Still Part 3
0.02Making Music Groove In Reason - Even Still Part 4
0.02Making A Beat In Reason - Midday Vibe
0.02Moody instruMental Music and Beats by Taurus M. James
0.02Away Too Long
0.02Good Night
0.02Just West
0.02What is Sampling in Music?
0.02Royalty Free Music
0.02My Drummer Bio
0.02From The Storm
0.02Hot New Tracks and Site Design!
0.02Beyond The Hills
0.02Free MP3 Downloads
0.02From Me To You Preview
0.02How to Promote Yourself Online: Article
0.02Pavane of a Ghetto Soldier
0.02What Is Royalty Free Music?
0.02The Best Cinematic Sounds on the Web Home Page
0.02For My Soul
0.02Why Do You Give Away Music And Information For Free?
0.02OLD 1076 Landing page
0.02By My Hand
0.02Lovers Do
0.02Look At Us Now
0.02About TaurusBeats
0.02Membership Levels
0.02How To Get Better At Making Beats
0.02Mr. Scarface Gangsta Rap Type Beat - Face Me
0.02Great Vision
0.02Warm Gaze
Original, RnB, Soul, Chill, guitar and piano improvisation, moody mental music
0.02Taurus James Moody Instrumental Music Producer Composer Musician
0.02Join the Fam!
0.02Membership Levels 2 last
0.02Farewell Tasherre Risay Founder Computer Music Academy
0.02Almost Good Without You
0.02Taurus The Capricorn
0.02Time Goes By
0.02Sun Is Setting
0.02So So Hot
0.02Bright Outlook
0.02Streets Below
0.02Night Lights
0.02Then and Now (Recollection)
0.02Grey Outside
0.02Still Riding
0.02Everywhere I Go
0.02Eternal Vibe
0.02Refuse To Shine
0.02Not The Same Without You
0.02You Plus Me
0.02Pulling Me Away
0.02Some Kinda Way
0.02Still Adrift
0.02As I Recall
0.02Body Work
0.02Junkyard Stars
0.02The Park
0.02The Window
0.02The Alley
0.02Young Crush
0.02Slow Hustle
0.02When Day Comes
0.02Night Breeze
0.02The Other Day
0.02Daily Gems
0.02True Calm
0.02Hit Cancel
0.02Touch Revive
0.02Tailor Made
0.02Lost In You
0.02For Love
0.02For Love (revisited)
0.02Things I Didn't Get To Say
0.02Loungin Around
0.02Baby Debo
0.02Study Beat 0049
0.02Study Beat 0050
0.02Study Beat 0048
0.022 Tim 3 (2019 Trap Version)
0.02The Keys
0.02Dancing Wind
0.02Remind Me Again
0.02Walk With Me
0.02Never Alone
0.02When I Pray (version 2)
0.02Moving On 2020 (MO2020)
0.02Checkout Girl
0.02No Liability
0.02Love You Goodnight
0.02Don't Stay Down
0.02Happy Dance (Keys)
0.02The Passenger's Side (Keys)
0.02Burn It
0.02Ancient Moon
0.02Neo Moon
0.02Grooving Moon
0.02Funk Moon
0.02Waning Moon
0.02Missing Moon
0.02Hazy Moon
0.02Dashing Moon
0.02Old Landing Page 021705
0.02Flash Player Landing Page
0.02Taxes and Your Music Business
0.02Common Grace
0.02What does FLIP A SAMPLE mean?
0.01I"m on the ReasonStation Charts!
0.01The Ultimate Guide To Online Beat Licensing (Updated 2021)
0.01Weekly Homework Assignment #205 Against The Clock
0.01Comparison of Music Hosting Services